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The results of the semen - is it possible to conceive? (transcript)

Anonymous: Good afternoon! During the year no pregnancy my wife. Please help and tell me is there any possibility of natural conception with such results of semen analysis. In parentheses denotes a reference value.

Volume ‒ 2.5 ml (>2)
Color white-grey transparent (milky)
Liquefaction time ‒ 40 min (<60) pH ‒ 7.5 ml (7,2-7,8) Viscosity ‒ 0,5 ml (0,1-0,7) Leukocytes ‒ 0,775 (<1) Red blood cells are absent Lecithin grain in large number (in small amount) Amyloid corpuscles do not exist Mucus in large quantity (none) Spermatophore missing Flora is missing The number of sperm in 1 ml ‒ 14 (>20)
The total number of spermatozoa ‒ 35 (>40)
A: the Mobility of 60 min ‒ 4% (A>25 Quick
linear progressive movement)
In: Mobility in 60 min ‒ 12% (A+In>50
Slow linear and non-linear motion)
Sperm 1 pathology ‒ 94%
With: Mobility after 60 min, 42% (Progressive
there is no movement. The movement on the spot)
Sperm with 2 abnormalities ‒ 5%
D: Mobility after 60 min ‒ 42% (Spermatozoa
Vitality ‒ 11% (>50)
Sperm with 3 pathology ‒ 1%
Pathology: head 72% (<30) Pathology: cervical 15% (<10) Pathology: tail 8% (<10) Cells of a spermatogenesis 2 100 sperm (2 - 4) Agglutination ++ (none) a) head to head and + (is missing) (b) the tail-tail + (missing) (c) combined ++ (none) Aggregation of sperm cells + (not available) Crystals of spermine (Böttcher) no Macrophages are absent Epithelial cells are absent Morphologically normal forms sperm according to the Kruger 5% (>14)

The answer of the doctor-doctor: Hello! Suffer all the main indicators: concentration, motility, morphology of spermatozoa. Not made of the MAR-test. I recommend to repeat analysis with MAR-test in another lab in 2-3 weeks, to perform ultrasound of the scrotum with Doppler, explore total testosterone, LH, SHBG, inhibin b, prolactin, genetics consultation and consult in person at andrologist (urologist). I wish you health.