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Why peeling skin on penis?

Anton: Hello! On Friday observed the peeling of the skin on the penis, or rather, the skin below the head, had a terrible itch. On Saturday, the skin started to come down and formed the wound and the pus, as the wound on the head. Began treating with a solution furatsilina and attach to the head a cotton pad with ointment that a member did not stick to your shorts, because Baring had painful.

On Sunday, the wound on the head is increased, there is more pus, the pus is white, but not from the urethra, pain when urinating do not. Suspect: personal hygiene (also have to defecate in the street (outside -10 degrees)), sex was not for six months, I am 17 years old. Last winter I observed in myself such, too, in the winter and also had to go to the toilet on the street. Please tell me what it could be. Parents frighten infertility.

The answer of the doctor-doctor: Hello, Anton! You have balanoposthitis. I do not recommend You to be treated yourself. Without inspection and the right treatment to choose the impossible. I advise you not to delay the visit to the urologist. Can have serious complications. I wish you health.