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Reduced potency at a young age: what to do?

Hasan: Good Afternoon. I am 26 years old and I'm worried about this problem. I'll start first. Masturbating from the age of 16 (almost every day). When 18 years married, sex was okay, great riser. In 19 years were cut and varicocele after the surgery, too, everything was fine.

Last year in the sexual life there 3 a failure. After the first wife calmed me down, and then again everything fell into place. The second crash occurred about six months ago. After I tried all the pills for potency, again all normal. And the third time it happened on New year's. Like as and kissed his wife, and excited, but as it came to the introduction of the penis, the erection is gone. The wife moved to oral sex, too, all unchanged. I'm starting to worry. Maybe I have something wrong? Some mornings it hurts right egg, I don't know why. Sex with his wife before the child was 2 years old, were normal, that is permanent, but then something changed and sex has become rare (1 time in a month or even three months). I live in a Studio apartment, and constantly the child not sleeping, eldest son of the wife of the house. It explains the refusal by the fact that maybe some of the children to see. Swear last year very often, I'm a very impulsive person, and she brings me almost to hysteria. That's the last time I had a huge fight on December 28 and 31, I had a third failure. Tell me, do You see any problems, or advise anything. From bad habits only Smoking. I smoke a lot (more than 1 pack per day), but now dropped, because I think it has affected my problem.

The answer of the doctor-andrologist: hi Hasan! Smoking can negatively affect blood vessels of the penis. Occurred on the eve of the conflict could also negatively affect sexual function. And the situation is not very favorable for sex. I think that is a combination of all these factors. Over time, sexual activity in marriage is reduced. Temporary disorders of erection experienced by most men. The main thing is not to panic and not to get upset. Try to change the situation, to introduce novelty into your relationship. I wish you health.