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Whether will increase penis Titan Gel or is it a hoax?

Oleh: Good day! Please tell me, as a doctor with the experience: touted on the Internet Titan Gel do increases sexual organ and increases erection or is it a hoax?

Article topic: Titan Gel: remedy for male enhancement

The answer of the doctor-doctor: Hello, Oleg! Neither Titan gel or other similar preparations are not able to increase penis. There are only two ways to increase penis: surgical and hormonal (in the presence of hormonal disorders). But in most cases males are trying to increase the already normal penis. You should know that penis enlargement by 2-3 cm will not make you a sexual giant and will never be a successful sex life. For most women penis size doesn't matter, because the main erogenous zones are located on the outside (clitoris, labia, vagina). In addition, many women veganically there are other erogenous zones (Breasts, earlobes, neck, etc.). You need to learn how to encourage them, and then you will succeed. I wish you health.