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Is it possible to replace the main treatment of prostatitis herbs?

Roman: Hello. I am 25 years old and the diagnosis of "prostatitis" was a complete surprise to me. The doctor said it was from hypothermia and a sedentary lifestyle (I'm a programmer, sometimes at the computer for days). Received treatment, including antibiotics, massage and physiotherapy. I have a question: heard a lot about herbal treatments, is it possible to replace antibiotics, and the rest of the treatment? Will it be effective?

The answer of the doctor-doctor: Hello. It all depends on what You are diagnosed. In infectious and acute course of prostatitis antibiotics are needed, replace with herbalism does not work, since no one plant having antimicrobial broad-spectrum action. But in the chronic form of prostatitis antibiotics less effective, it is because the men lowered immunity, and to bacterial drugs, many microorganisms have become resistant. In addition, antibiotics could suppress the immune system. Here in this case treatment of prostatitis herbs are well founded.

Medicinal herbs have a more mild effect, and may well act on "used germs". They do not inhibit the immune system, and prostatitis can be successfully fought simple charges that are commonly known and they can collect themselves.