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Removal of cysts of the testis and laparoscopy: price, time of operation, indications

I have a cyst of the testicle. Would like to get rid of it, but quite a while ago was in a car accident (1994) and I for some time it was impossible to do General anesthesia. Local anesthesia is well tolerated. Well, at least when you remove teeth felt normal. Tell me, is it possible to remove the cyst and laparoscopy-what the price is, how long is the operation time and what is the recovery period? Thank you.

Response: "Hello! Cysts of the epididymis do not require treatment, if you do not make trouble. They do not have a negative impact on health if small. Laparoscopic operations are performed. The cost to find out in the specific clinic. The operation is not long (less than an hour). The recovery period is quick (about one week). I wish you health".