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Some shots from prostatitis are considered to be the most effective?

Andrey: Hello. I've was diagnosed with "chronic prostatitis", periodically plagued by outbreaks. The question is: what are the shots from prostatitis will be most effective, what drugs you can do yourself, in the period of exacerbation to all the unpleasant symptoms were gone.

The answer of the doctor-doctor: Hello. First, self-selection of shots from prostatitis not doing drugs you can't pick based only on their own feelings. Cause of chronic prostatitis can be a variety of factors and to effectively influence, you need to establish the cause for sure. What would the doctor during the initial to the treatment and required diagnostics. Injections for prostatitis in each case is individual, no other way, this will only complicate the disease.

In infectious factor, administered the antibiotic injection (Ceftriaxone), normalizing the immune system (Timalin), immunomodulator (Pirogenal). A good effect has modern medicine Prostatitis reducing congestion in the prostate and reduces inflammation.