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How to treat congestive prostatitis?

Victor: Good afternoon. Almost three years ago I put "chronic congestive prostatitis". Was treated at the hospital, did a full course of therapy with prostate massage, pills, physical therapy. Like all was well but a week ago appeared again the old symptoms. Went for tests (Ultrasound, hidden infections, urine analysis), no changes, but the secret was found coccobacilli.

When cultures did not identify them. The doctor put the diagnosis and prescribed a very expensive treatment: antibiotics, hardware treatment, physiotherapy and massage. Now drink Prostagutt Forte, the symptoms slowly receded and it became easier. The question is: do I need to take antibiotics, is it possible to do a prostate massage and to ignore treatment hardware (it is very expensive)?

The answer of the doctor-doctor: Hello. Treatment with antibiotics is necessary to do only with prostate massage will not work. Of course, the financial aspect of treatment is very unpleasant, but, unfortunately, without a full course that was prescribed, including hardware treatment is not necessary. Plus it is important to regulate his sex life, it needs to be regular, to have been "emptying" of the prostate.