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How to organize your diet for prostate cancer?

Nutrition for prostate cancer should be special – balanced and contains only nutrients. It is an indisputable truth!

The internationally recognized two diets, which are applicable for patients with prostate cancer – Japanese and southern Mediterranean. The latter are rich in fish, olive oil, vegetables, garlic and fruits, but in the Japanese diet besides fish is soybean, green tea, vegetables, and fats and calories, and red meat are virtually absent.

General principles of composing a diet

The diet of the patient must be present fish – baked or steamed.

Diet for prostate cancer should be based on the following rules:

  1. The fish should be steamed or grilled, is also allowed baked or boiled. Always present in the menu 2-3 times a week. You can not eat fried and burnt fish dishes.
  2. To a minimum should reduce the consumption of animal fats (dairy products high fat and red meat provoke the development of prostate tumors).
  3. It is necessary to exclude consumption of TRANS fatty acids (fried foods, baked products, margarine).
  4. Need to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables green and red flowers, nuts, berries, grains.
  5. Welcome to the prostate gland foods high in vitamin C – citrus fruits, peppers, berries (sour), spinach, cantaloupe, mango.
  6. It is impossible to use dietary supplements containing a large dose of zinc.
  7. It is recommended to take a multivitamin complex with vitamin and folic acid compound.
  8. Not for diet cancer prostate foods high in Ca.
  9. It is advisable to consume green leafy vegetables, lettuce, and cauliflower, and broccoli.
  10. Very good to drink red grape juice (natural), and green tea.
  11. In cooking use olive oil, avoid pickles.
  12. Add tomatoes to any dish (lycopene is a potent anticancer agent for prostate tumors).
  13. Daily dose of the antioxidant selenium should be 200 micrograms.

Characteristics of different types of diet in the treatment

Chemotherapy and diet

Diet for prostate cancer when undergoing chemotherapy should include stimulating the appetite products. "Chemistry" can provoke a violation of the gastrointestinal tract (vomiting, nausea, diarrhea). Well, if the diet will acidic drinks, fruit drinks, milkshakes, juices, high-calorie snacks low-fat, fruit, honey. On the day of administration the patient should eat more protein (up to 110 g), to drink more fluids.

During chemotherapy for tumors of the prostate gland is importantto pick up meals so that they contain products that contribute to hematopoiesis:

  • Berries and fruits, buckwheat porridge
  • Rye bread and seafood
  • Beans, spinach, vegetables
  • Liver

Diarrhea can be used decoctions of oak bark, wild cherry, blueberries, pomegranate peels or rice. In the diet should almost always be rice porridge, for the relief of nausea good use of mint drops.

In radiation therapy

Radiation sometimes causes the development of radiation cystitis in which the patient suffers from frequent and painful urination. In this case, a salt-free diet in prostate cancer.

You will need to exclude:

  1. Products made with white flour in/s (purified starches).
  2. High protein products (cheese, fish, meat, cheese).
  3. Conservation, spicy, fatty and smoked foods.
  4. Radish, sorrel, garlic, onion, horseradish, spinach and radishes.
  5. Broth.
  6. Artificial sugar.

During hormone therapy

If blood found high levels of Ca, it is advisable to abandon the yolk, cheese, cottage cheese and beets.

In the rest periods diet for prostate adenoma does not vary significantly, you only need to adhere to generally accepted recommendations.

The nutritional value of the products

In the world of science has long proven that there are some nutritional value of the products that can influence the development of prostate tumors:

  • Foods with a low GI (glycemic index).

This indicator is a measure of how fast dietary carbohydrates are converted into glucose. The lower it is the better. After 40 years, men it is best to choose foods with a low GI (starchy), for example, favourite potato increased GI.

  • The excess protein.

Excess protein causes the body men to throw all the Pancreatin to protein coming from outside. In this case, the struggle with the rapidly resurgent cancer cells simply does not remain forces. But this does not mean that the protein must be completely absent in the diet, it is necessary to find an optimal balance.

  • Products of I3C (antioxidants).

The diet should include vegetables from the cabbage family (any cabbage). These products contain indole-3-carbinol (I3C), which helps the organism with the products of metabolic disintegration.

  • Curcumin.

It is a product of plant origin, its use in food is an excellent prevention of prostate cancer and the ability to restrain the growth of existing tumor cells.

  • Ellagic acid.

This acid is contained in red berries, is well established as the helper of the liver in detoxification. She is also a kind of bodyguard cell's DNA, preventing thecarcinogens were attached to their shells. Ellagic acid is red berries, fruits, it is very much in raspberries.

  • Garlic and allicin.

Men who love garlic, very rarely develop cancer of prostate, and "blame" to the allicin contained in the cloves. 15 minutes before the meal have to mash these cloves, a bit of a wait to allicin was formed – to protect from cancer ready.

  • Vitamins and carotenoids.

Vitamins E and C – powerful antioxidants, they help the immune system. Vitamin a and carotenoids help to reduce the possibility of tumors and reduce the dynamics of their development.

For prostate cancer it is often the diet can significantly reduce the rate of development of tumor cells. Food should be made with consideration of all recommendations, and to adhere to the diet need throughout later life.