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What folk remedies suitable for the treatment of prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer treatment folk remedies is a Supplement to the traditional treatment prescribed by a doctor-oncologist. Prostate cancer is often detected when the disease has gone far. Treatment of folk remedies takes a long time to effect and time the patient a little. However, folk remedies can significantly improve the quality of life of patient with prostate cancer.

Traditional healers offer different solutions, including poisonous (Hemlock, kerosene). In addition, in the literature one can find diametrically opposite opinions about one and the same method of treatment of cancer folk remedies. The choice everyone makes himself.

Alternative treatment

The positive effect of the treatment of prostate cancer, including folk remedies, celebrated, and magnified, if the patient has faith in the recovery. In cancer patients simultaneously present, and the hope for recovery and involuntary doubt it. The emergence and strengthening of faith in the healing helps the sincere daily prayer to God. To strengthen the psyche will help autogenic training, meditation, good use of the moods GN Sytin against cancer.

Nutrition and immunity

A natural defense of the body designed to destroy tumor cells at the beginning of their development, is the immune system. It allows for the development of the disease, if you do not see or can not cope with the alien agent. Medication further weakens the immune system. Well increase the immune protection of folk remedies: food, herbs.

The peculiarities of nutrition to enhance immunity: decreased fat consumption, adequate amounts of selenium, zinc, vitamins E And group B. As a source of protein recommended chicken, white meat fish, eggs, milk, beans. Restrictions in the choice of cereals, fruits, vegetables, nuts only determined by individual taste and tolerability of products.

Herbal medicine

When prostate cancer is recommended herbal medicine. Preparation and administration of decoctions and infusions of herbs require the patient and his attendant's patience, as the treatment lasts for months.

With the defeat of the internal organs using herbs with the overall antitumor effect. Recommend various herbs and fees. The most popular and frequently used remedies for prostate cancer are listed below:

  • Part of the collection: peel green walnuts, goat willow, common tansy, quack grass, sebuh crowned, reed, seaside. Extract taken orally 1:10;
  • Celandine is a poisonous grass, 1 tablespoon pour 200 ml boiling water, insist 30 minutes, strain, take in between meals in 1 tbsp Recipe is designed for cookingthe daily amount of infusion;
  • Chaga mushroom has long established itself as a plant with anticancer activity. It is traditionally used in the treatment of cancer using medicinal pharmaceutical form, based on the chaga mushroom or fresh for cooking and medicinal compound.

One way to prepare: mushroom pour cool water for 5 hours. Then it is removed and milled. The water is heated up to 500 and re-pour the crushed fungus (the ratio of fungus/water 1:5). The mixture was placed for 3 days in a dark container in a dark place. Then filter, add water to the original level. Take 1 glass of ready mix 3 times a day before meals.

  • Gives good results anticancer tea. A mixture of grated chaga mushroom and horsetail grass (2 tbsp), nettle, celandine herbs, flowers of calendula (1 tbsp), boiled for 15 minutes in 1.5 liters of water (2 days use). Use tea 6 weeks at 3/4 litres a day, then it is necessary to make a break for 10 days, repeat the course.
  • Tea and infusion of cleavers, big, decoction of burdock root, fruits of Solanum – therapeutic agent for prostate cancer.


Proponents of this method believe that fasting cleanses the body, polluted in the result of malnutrition. It is believed that in the absence of food the body uses as an energy source unnecessary tissue: excess fat, as modified by the disease tissue, a tumor-like growths. Examples of animals refusing food in case of illness, examples of healed by fasting people serve as proof of the effectiveness of such treatment.

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The objection to the method: fasting reduces the body with nutrients, primarily protein. This affects muscles and other body tissues.

Insufficient protein diet slightly weakens the cancer cells, they can take all of the necessary muscles and internal organs, but the lack of protein greatly affects all body systems, especially the immune. With the growth of the tumor develops the symptom of protein deficiency, the early symptoms are weakness, fatigue, chilliness, loss of appetite.

Juice therapy

To cure a patient with a tumor of the prostate juices impossible, but to raise defenses, improve well-being. The volume of juice consumed is limited by the physical capabilities of the patient, the poor condition of the urinary system and intestines, which often accompany cancer prostatecancer.

Beet juice contains anticancer substances. Action features beets and beet juice:

  1. Fresh beetroot juice can be drunk within 1-2 hours after receiving it disappears when the volatile substance having a toxic effect and cause indigestion, pressure drop, weakness;
  2. Drink the juice in 120 ml of 5 times a day before meals (daily dose 600ml);
  3. To get a minimum of substances that can have a therapeutic effect, it is necessary to take daily 1 kg of beets;
  4. The active substance is not destroyed by cooking, does not change in the stomach, it is not toxic.

A method of treatment of carrot juice as Walker suggests a daily intake of raw carrot juice 0.5 l to 3 l per day. The first recipe of taking the juice if the tumor prostate cancer — carrot juice, 450 ml on admission, the second is carrot juice 300 ml and 150 ml of spinach juice to the reception.

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Cranberry juice, pumpkin juice have anti-tumor activity in lesions of the prostate. Juices (pomegranate, orange, Apple, carrot), taken daily in small quantities of 100-200 ml, improve overall health, increase hemoglobin, strengthen the immune system.

Honey and other bee products

As a means to strengthen all systems of the body with tumor in the prostate using honey, bee pollen, propolis. Cancer patient to use other means is difficult, since the patient is exhausted, the appetite is reduced or absent, marked weakness.

Traditional healers in Oncology recommended alcohol solution of propolis in aqueous-alcoholic or milk-alcohol emulsion (20-40 drops of tincture of propolis in half a Cup of warm milk or warm water). The advantage of propolis to other means that it is harmless.

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