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What are the signs of mini stroke in men occur first

The term "minor stroke" is often used colloquially not only patients but also doctors. But actually in scientific medicine called a nosological unit no. There is only such a thing as a stroke, when a person in a short time develop neurological, cerebral and focal symptoms. All this is happening against the background of mini-strokes in the brain men. Under minor stroke mean the same acute ischemic stroke, only in this case affects the small vessels of the brain and normalization of the General condition occurs with restoration of blood flow in the affected area. What is a mini stroke, its symptoms and the first signs in men, its effects, and how it differs from a stroke, let us examine in more detail.
мужчина держится за голову из-за боли

Manifests itself as disease?

The symptoms of the disease depend on the pool of mini-strokes and intensity. The first signs appear suddenly. The apogee of the clinical symptoms reach in 1-2 minutes and can persist up to several hours, sometimes days.

The diagnosis of "minor stroke," the doctor puts in retrospect, as at the time of inspection the first signs and focal neurological symptoms are absent. Only during instrumental examinations will be visible consequences of impaired circulation. Cerebral symptoms, or the first brain signs:

  • Headache of varying strength.
  • Non-systemic dizziness (weakness, loss of stability, loss of balance, loss of soil underfoot", "the darkening and the feeling of flies before the eyes, tinnitus).
  • General stupor, lethargy or, on the contrary, the symptoms of psychomotor agitation.
  • Possible nausea, vomiting and brief loss of consciousness.

The first signs of focal symptoms in this disease are varied and depend on the area of the brain in which there was such a pathology, and intensity. If mini-strokes in the branches of the carotid arteries, on the opposite side of the head noted paresthesia and tingling of half of the tongue, lips, and face. There are often paresthesia and paresis.

In the event of minor stroke in the left hemisphere in some men, there are disorders of speech, aphasia, and seizures. If microchromosomes have occurred in the vertebral or basilar artery, then often appear the systemic vertigo (sensation of falling, swinging), frequent involuntary eye movements, disorders of coordination of movements, nystagmus. Sometimes there are problems with swallowing. There is a change in voice. Can occur hearing problems, you experience weakness and amnesia.In this case, the cerebral symptoms will prevail.

The first signs of the disease in men is most often pronounced as the representatives of the stronger sex are more prone to bad habits and unhealthy lifestyle. In addition, they have to bear the brunt of all the heavy physical activity, this is especially dangerous in combination with advanced age. Mini-strokes in men can often develop at the peak of hypertensive crisis. At particular risk are patients with diabetes, hypertension, vascular diseases and heart and many other pathologies.

The disease

According to the severity of stroke is:

  1. Easy – the duration of the attack is small. Signs appear and disappear within a few minutes. Sometimes people do not even have time to figure out what's going on with him, and tie his condition to overwork or find other reasons.
  2. Average – condition lasts for several hours.
  3. Heavy – duty functions of the brain disturbed nearly 24 hours, sometimes more. The consequences in this case may be in acute violation of blood circulation.

No matter how small or how insignificant was the disruption of blood flow, the consequences will not keep itself waiting. Depending on the localization and extent of injury sites and vessels of the brain, the consequences can be both delicate and heavy. If the disease has arisen not for the first time, there is a high probability of stroke. Even if there are no visible changes and symptoms of stroke are lacking, but vessels already damaged, then this pathology can cause the development of more serious diseases. The consequences can be grave including death.

To prevent the development of a recurrent stroke, need to be mandatory to find out its causes and to deal with them. If there were first signs of stroke, seek medical help immediately. Such a disease in men is the first and an important Wake-up call about the problems in the body and makes you think about health and change in lifestyle. Be healthy!