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Erectile dysfunction. Testing and treatment

Evaluation of erectile dysfunction

To determine the degree of erectile dysfunction in men, you must answer five questions. The survey is anonymous!

In the table below. On the left of the questions. In the right part of the possible answers. Please answer the following questions by clicking on the red square. After you answer all the questions in the questionnaire, you will see how many points are scored and the result, by which to evaluate sexual health.

Attention! If you scored less than 22 points, You should consult a doctor for diagnosis of erectile dysfunction. Must be very thorough and comprehensive examination of the patient to ascertain the causes of this disease.

The rating scale erectile function (ICEF)

(or almost never)
(more than half)
(about half of the cases)
(much more than half of the cases)
(or almost always)
1. How often can You achieve an erection through sexual actions? 4
2. When You get an erection during sexual stimulation, how often it is sufficient for introducing the penis into the vagina ? 1 3 5
3. How often during intercourse, You are able to maintain an erection after the introduction of the penis into the vagina? 2 4
4. How often can You maintain an erection to completion of intercourse? 1 3 5
5. How often do You feel satisfaction from sex? 2 4 5

The result:

Please answer all questions