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Variations of Bulgarian squats techniques and their implementation: advantages and disadvantages

One of the most effective and simple exercises are squats. They often practice even seasoned bodybuilders, and just at home can so easily train the muscles. Performing squats, the person pumping the gluteal muscles and muscles of the front of the thigh. There are many types of techniques when the focus is on a specific muscle or simplified technique and outputs the result. One of the most popular interpretations, Bulgarian squats, and as will be discussed in the article. Let us consider in detail the features of technology implementation; identify who these exercises and who is absolutely contraindicated. Also describe interesting variations on Bulgarian squats.

Болгарское приседания

The essence of Bulgarian exercise is to squat on one leg while the other leg is fixed on the hills. Technique involves concentration of the entire load on one leg, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the training. Detailed features of the exercises will examine below.

Advantages and disadvantages

Feature of Bulgarian squats is increased compared to normal squats the load on the knee joints, therefore people suffering from arthrosis of the knee joints with damaged meniscus or other injury, you should refrain from this exercise. Bulgarian squats technique is not so simple to implement as it may seem at first glance, you can verify this by watching video training. Therefore, aspiring athletes a little better to strengthen your muscles other techniques, and then proceed to the Bulgarian squats, knowing all the peculiarities of their execution.

Advantages of the method:

  1. One of the most intense workouts of the quadriceps of the thigh and gluteal muscles.
  2. Technique requires no special equipment, as the elevation can serve as a bench or chair in the home.
  3. As separate trains each leg, it is possible to measure the load depending on the training legs.
  4. Bulgarian squats technique allows to reduce the load on the spine compared to normal squats.
  5. Further developing the mobility in the hip joints.
  6. Developing and improving the coordination of the whole body, as it is not easy to keep balance on one leg.
  7. The technique can be mastered independently, for example, using video from the Internet.
  8. Well-suited Bulgarian squats for the formation of the relief of the body considering the fact that you are not using a lot of weight.
  9. Is very popular among girls because of the high effectiveness and affordability of implementation.
  10. Split squats Bulgarianthe style is perfect for a workout buttocks and thighs.


Usually Bulgarian squats for greater efficiency are complemented by different types of equipment. To be thorough it is recommended that before you perform view related videos, especially if training is planned without an experienced mentor. Depending on the peculiarities of the technique used are:

  • Bulgarian squats with weights.
  • Bulgarian squats with a barbell on the shoulders.
  • Bulgarian squats in the Smith.
  • Bulgarian split squats.
  • Bulgarian squats using an exercise ball.

The most common variant of the exercise with weights. Features of technology implementation of these variations make it easier to maintain the coordination of the body, and the load on the lower back is somewhat reduced. We should not take initially a lot of weight, the load should be gradual, increase training results, and benefits for the body will be more.

The use of Bulgarian exercise rod, which is placed on the shoulders, of course, effective, but more likely to lose balance when performing exercises, which is fraught with all kinds of injuries. Therefore, if you decide to do the exercises with a barbell, the best fit for this trainer Smith.

Trainer Smith – simple and functional. Verify this by looking at any video on the Internet with exercises. These workouts allow you to remove the load from the spine, which allows you to use more weight when training. Classes in Smith – a great help for beginners, as the design features of the simulator allows to remove the need so clearly as in a regular sit-UPS, to monitor the coordination of movements. The technique of Bulgarian squats in Smith:

  1. You must take the bar from the machine and place yourself on the trapezius muscle. Some "craftsmen" almost on the neck itself put – be careful, you can seriously injure the cervical spine.
  2. One leg, as usual, you have to put the back on the hill. You can only toe, the entire foot surface – choose the more convenient option.
  3. The second leg should be put forward.
  4. Slowly lunge. Then return to the starting position.
  5. It is necessary to observe all the features of the techniques described earlier.
  6. The number of repetitions and approaches are determined individually, the load must be gradual.

Athletes for better workouts I like to use split squats. So for one occupation can be carefully pumped some group of muscles. Bulgarian squats too, it will go. Split squats Bulgarian style is great to dilute the usual exercises andgood work on glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings.

Another modification of Bulgarian squats on the fitball and more popular among girls. Feature only using the fitball as the hills. Also go to add variety to your practice routine.

The Bulgarian squat is an effective exercise for pumping the gluteal muscles, quadriceps and hamstrings. The most popular was squats in the Smith, that facilitates maintaining the load on the muscle worked. Often athletes make the Bulgarian squat split workout buttocks and thighs, which helps to diversify the program and to achieve tangible results. Despite all the positive side, Bulgarian squats require some physical training, so beginners should not be blindly to chase after them, inexperience can lead to serious injuries, especially the knee joint.