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Technique for proper execution of squats gakk

Gakk squats or squat of Gakkenshmidt is one of the types of training exercises aimed at the elaboration of muscles of the lower extremities. The name of the squats was in honor of a well-known fighter of Russian origin. It Gakkenshmidt first demonstrated a technique of performing sit-UPS. Today the technique remains very popular and competes with exercise, "the classic leg press". And is used not only men but also women. Performed on a special simulator – gakk machine. In the photo shown schematically as the exercise.

приседания - Гакк


Unlike the classic version gakk squats involve in training the greater amount of muscles. Also there is a big load on the muscles, as a consequence, we obtain a more significant result. During gakk squats train the following muscles:

  • the quadriceps muscle of the thigh;
  • biceps of the thigh;
  • paliperidonesee muscle;
  • poluchila muscle;.
  • the gluteus Maximus;
  • muscle-extensor of the spine.

The greatest burden, as in the classic version of exercises falls on the quadriceps (the quadriceps muscle) and other muscles involved in the formation of the front of the thigh. Considering the weight load in the training process involved the gluteal muscles – large and small.

Gakk squats in the simulator can even replace the squats. Also similar are the characteristics of the leg press, which is the basic complex of exercises for training the legs. The leg press is performed almost identically. Therefore, to combine the leg press Sakr and squats on the same workout is not recommended in connection with the same focus. In fact, the difference between these two exercises is due to the presence of the trainer of a particular type.

The main rules

As already mentioned, exercise is performed on a special simulator (gakk). The optimum condition is the presence of a coach at least for the first training. As correct exercise is the key to success and injury prevention. So, the technique of gakk squats as follows:

  1. Original position. Lie back on the platform. Legs bent at the knees. Feet put on width apart, 25 cm ahead of the body. To be in this position should be comfortable.
  2. Unlock the retaining mechanism on the simulator.
  3. On the inhale, start slowly squat until reaching a right angle in the knee joints. You must ensure that shoulders and head did not come off during exercise.
  4. Forreturn to the starting position it is necessary to emphasize the heels and push off.

The number of repetitions should be between 8 and 12, gradually they can be increased. The optimal implementation of the three approaches. You can also perform back squats.

It is important to remember that at any stage it is impossible to completely straighten my legs. As this can lead to injury of the joints. And the arms and back, by contrast, always needs to be straightened.

As well as performing a leg press, sit-UPS, you can easily change the emphasis of the load. For example, changing the position of the stop determines what group of muscles of the thighs (inner or outer) will be most active. With a narrow staging legs is training the lateral head of the quadriceps. Broad, by contrast, focuses on the inner thighs and, in particular, on the middle head of the quadriceps muscle. High production shakes the gluteal and the biceps muscle of the thigh. And low considering the front surface.

It should be noted that gakk squats in the simulator is not very well affect the knee joints, as there is not a physiological position for them. Therefore, persons with problems of this localization it is recommended to replace them on the leg press. If this will work the same muscle groups, but the advantage is that the leg press does not create additional load on the structural elements of the knee joint. Also, the leg press allows you to reduce the strain on the back even with a large weight.


Beginners are often faced with certain errors. You should always to remember them, at least in order not to repeat them. The most common errors when performing squats gakk is:

  • the absence of a preliminary warming up of muscles (in this situation, an excessive stress is easy to be injured);
  • the incomplete fit of the heels to the platform structure;
  • the reduction of the knees (the risk of damage to knee joints, as it was by its structural components are attached to the tendons of the major muscles of the limb;
  • the separation of the head, back, pelvis from the simulator (in this case, there is a possibility of damage to the vertebral column);
  • removal of the lap ahead of socks.

Gakk squats are performed on the simulator. Therefore, such training is only possible in the hall. Technique is not more complicated than the classic bench press, however, the execution in the first time should be treated with special attention, to avoid mistakes and injuries.