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Rules quick to inflate biceps with dumbbells or bar

Everyone wants to be slim and toned, but not everyone is ready to devote almost all my free time. A beautiful embossed body requires regular exercise, proper approach, most of the free time, effort and money. But sometimes need over a week to correct shape for beach season or New year, March 8 or at a future date. There are a couple little secrets, how to look effectively, with minimal cost! Inflate the biceps! This can be done in the gym, at home or on the bar at the nearest stadium. Performing simple exercises correctly, within a week you will see the result. Biceps – grateful muscle, quickly takes the form and topography, showcasing the beauty of the owner. So today let's talk about how quickly pump up the biceps and how much time will it take. Discuss how to build biceps dumbbells using pull-UPS and barbell. Will figure out what to do to display the part of the biceps, which is called "peak". Also talk about another biceps on the body – biceps femoris, advise how to pump up the hamstrings not only in the gym, but exercises for the home using minimal equipment.

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Classification of methods

Talk about biceps brachii, she's a two-headed muscle of a shoulder. For orientation will build a small classification of how to effectively pump up the biceps.

  • Exercises with dumbbells (weights):
  1. Bending of hands with dumbbells while sitting.
  2. Bending of hands with dumbbells on the exercise ball.
  3. Bending of hands with dumbbells focusing on the fitball.
  4. The hammer curl dumbbells.
  5. Exercises on the bench Cattle.
  • Exercise reverse grip with a barbell at home and the gym.
  • Pull-UPS on the bar reverse grip.

Many people think that dumbbells are easier and more efficient to pump up your biceps, and indeed it is.

The advantages of training with kettlebells

Advantages of training with kettlebells:

  • Such a tool there is, even in the remote the gym, with dumbbells, you can easily and correctly do at home.
  • Using dumbbells, it is possible to measure the load on each hand, considering what hand initially better trained.
  • The technique of any exercise with dumbbells, it is possible to learn by yourself.
  • The risk of injury compared to other ways of pumping less.
  • Intensive classes are easy to pump up the peak of the bicep.

Consider the bending of the arms with weights.

First option: take a bench or a stool and take a dumbbell in one hand. Elbow train the hands to rest on the corresponding knee and bend the arm at the elbow. Repeat 3-4 times 8-10 times, alternating hands.

Second option: takethe dumbbell in the arm, elbow to abut against the Central part of the fitball, standing in front of him on his knees. To bend the arm. The number of sets and reps the same.

Third option: back to lie on the fitball, feet rest against the floor. In each hand should be a dumbbell. Hands down to the floor, and then raise, you can simultaneously or alternately. Number of sets – 3-4 15-20 times.

Equipment on the bar

How to pump up the biceps on the bar, of interest to many, it is difficult to find a stadium or yard part without the crossbar. Of course, the peak of the bicep as after a barbell or dumbbells on the bar, you will not get, but relief and muscle strength using pull-UPS, you will definitely do better. The efforts were not in vain, consider how to do it right.

  1. First, use on the bar wide grip for a week you will lead to tone the muscles, and then can proceed directly to the technique of narrow or medium reverse grip. Feet can be crossed, which is a bit easier to execute.
  2. Pullups on the bar should be no more than a day or so muscles will have time to rest and build up its own weight.
  3. All movements should be smooth and slow, no jerking and rocking!
  4. You need to concentrate on how to build biceps using a pulling.
  5. If you run the program in split exercises, the pumping of the biceps on the bar should be no more than once a week.
  6. Ideally, if the upper part of the chest you will easily rise to the crossbar of the horizontal bar. But if the pull is so difficult to do, you can start with chin.
  7. It is important to breathe correctly, stress – exhale, relax the breath, you cannot hold the breath during pull-UPS on the bar.
  8. If pull-UPS "light" you have to do just that – increase your weight on the bar weights, or even just a backpack.

Now focus on the hamstrings – one of the most powerful muscles in the human body. This fact creates difficulties in the training of hamstrings at home for a big muscle and need a lot of weight! The perfect exercise for pumping the muscles or the Romanian dead lift, but the technique it requires a lot of skills or an experienced instructor and good physical shape. Effectively and bending the legs at the knees in the prone position, with the legs should be weighted. Popular and effective different squats – with a barbell, with dumbbells, Bulgarian squats, and others. All the others have a lot of nuances in the performance, but to master them on their own without harm to health really.

The types of sit-UPS

Describe the various types of squats for your workout.

For beginners training the hamstrings appropriate will be squats with dumbbells. Doing them, do not forget that the back should be perfectsmooth, and the body is not tilted forward. Your feet must keep parallel to each other, focusing on the heels. Hands always straight, dropped along the body and hold a dumbbell.

The essence of Bulgarian squats is to squat on one leg while the other leg is fixed on the hills.

The technique of performing sit-UPS mean concentration of the entire load on one leg, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the training. Let's consider the details.

Initial reception: it is necessary to approach the bench (you can use any convenient hill) and turn back to her. Right foot to throw on the bench with the toe down. Left foot step forward so that then it was convenient to do squats. Hands along the body, look forward.

From the starting position to start doing squats, lowering the knee of the right leg down and bending the left leg. Then push the left heel go up.

If your body is ready for more exercise, try squats, you will strengthen and the outer part of the quadriceps. It is desirable to perform squats under the supervision of an instructor, as incorrect technique is fraught with serious injuries. This is the bare exercise of hamstrings muscles of the back and buttocks are also actively involved.

How to perform: stand straight with feet at shoulder width or even slightly wider. The Griffon put on the trapezius muscle and begin the squat as if you want to sit on a stool.


  • The back should be smooth, otherwise the load will be redistributed.
  • Emphasis on the heels, socks do not tear off the floor.
  • Sit down to the moment when the angle thigh – leg reaches 90 degrees.
  • Not to make her knees socks on.
  • The abdominal muscles, lower back and buttocks are always clenched.

Nice body – not a gift of fate, but the result of hard training and struggle with my own laziness. We tell you how to quickly pump up the biceps, but this would be much easier, if not only regularly train in the gym or at home, but eat right, preferring protein-rich foods and long-lasting carbohydrates. It is the combination of a healthy diet and regular exercise will draw on your shoulder the dream of all train – the peak of the bicep.