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Ways to quickly inflate the press at home (only 1 week)

Most men, especially those "mirror disease" wants to know: how to pump up press during the week? Whether it is possible in principle and effectiveness of "high-speed" exercises that over a short period abdominal "cubes"? In order to have an idea on how to quickly pump up the press at home, you can watch thematic video and begin the daily classes.

Пресс у мужчины

Features of the abdominal region

Can the abdominal muscles recover and become strong without the help of a coach? Urgent question for men who want to get the "cubes", but not having the opportunity to turn to professionals. Experts believe that when properly matched video exercises and the adjustment of the power supply system can efficiently strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and "to make bricks".

In this period of time the videos and photos that explain the peculiarities of pumping of the muscles of the abdomen, very much. But remember to answer the question as quickly and efficiently inflate the press at home and in a short time, you need to consider a lot of parameters:

  • The main thing – to choose the individual set, which will help to change the external form of the abdomen and form the coveted "cubes".
  • Strictly and consistently to do what is instruct classes using photos and videos.

Men wishing to transform your torso, it is important to remember that only regular classes, coupled with the power supply system will help to build a press at home. Exercises performed on Mondays, will not give result, especially if the rest of the days instead of training the athlete sits on the sofa with a cherished bottle of beer.

Anatomical literacy

What lurks in most men for a bulky abdomen, is of great value in shaping the press. Abdominal wall – not some faceless mass of skin and muscle tissue, all clearly divided into zones, and if you know how to influence them and to master the basics of pumping, in the short term can be done the relief is proportionate and beautiful.

How much you can pump up the press? This question has no exact answer, but experts in the field of sports claim to achieve results quickly at home you just need to exert maximum effort, and the main aspect is patience.


  1. Direct.
  2. Outer.
  3. Internal obliques.
  4. Cross.

How to build a press for a month or a week? Running, according to experts, the main fighter against excess fat. To get rid of the "bagels" in the abdominal area, every day we need to move rapidly and do a short jog. The frequency of Jogging 3-4 times a week for 30 minutes (before Breakfast). Not to achieve resultsviewer of themed video, lying on the couch.

Exercises are intended to make the press beautiful and sturdy. For this you need to adhere to individual program activities and to divide them into groups:

  • For upper abdominals (curl).
  • For lower press.

Gymnastics will take less time if it is combined with Jogging and diet. Experts remind that begin with the study of the upper press and gradually moving towards the bottom.

Here are a few effective exercises in order to strengthen the upper part of the abdomen:

  1. Twisting. In position "lying on back with legs bent at a 90 degree angle. To bend and to get the right elbow left knee. I. p. and repeat twisting to the other side. Perform 5-7 times, gradually increasing the quantity.
  2. The rise of the hips. To carry on the floor (the bench), the essence is to lift the hips as high as possible, leaning on the shoulder area and elbows.
  3. "Pocket knife". I. p. lying on your back. The essence of the exercise is to simultaneously pull your knees to your chest and hands with his head, "stack", simulating a knife.
  4. Turns feet. Horizontal leg raise to 90 degrees and lower them alternately, without bending, from right to left and down. The main thing – the feet should not touch the floor.

How to build lower abs at home? This provides its own program of movements:

  • Lying on your back, hands to fix. Raise legs and pelvis, with isolation from the floor and put my feet over my head.
  • Hang on the bar and lift the legs as high as possible without bending.
  • Simulation of the bike. Lying on back, raise legs and repeat the movement as with the rotation of the pedals.

Daily workout must include exercise "cat" with the bench press. Its essence lies in the successive flexion and extension of the back. This part of the study the press at home are available even for beginners. It is noteworthy that not only work the abdominal muscles but also the muscles of the hips and back. Performing "cat" correctly, it is possible to get amazing results, as well as to eliminate back pain and lower back pain.

Food rules

Diet, if you want to quickly pump up the press at home for 1-2 weeks, special attention. Well formed diet will help to achieve tangible results. This part of the program by pumping the press is especially important for those who have a waist higher than the norm.

During the training days is important to regularly eat the following foods:

  1. Olive oil.
  2. The cooked meat.
  3. Bread.
  4. Seafood.
  5. Oranges.

It is important to remember that the volume of food should not go overboard to the obscene, the essence of the diet is to burn excess weight and not to gain inches inthe area press.

Of course, that to achieve meaningful results in just 1-3 weeks will be a little, but given impetus to the positive dynamics is well worth it. Any part of the training must be performed with enthusiasm and focus on results, then after a while it will be possible to show off a beautiful and toned figure.