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Methods of pumping muscle chest man at home

Well developed pectoral muscles is the ornament of men at any age. They attract admiring glances give or cause genuine envy "namby-pamby", even if hidden under clothing. So how do you pump up chest muscles fast at home man? Will effect, if the pump yourself, or that requires the participation of a personal trainer and a specially equipped room?

красивый торс мужчины

Theoretical digression

For modern men repeated visits to "rocking" is not always available and on time, and for material reasons, but it is not a reason to give up and stay with the physique with which nature has awarded. At home to pump up the pectoral muscles and the man may need only to remember regularity of classes and rules "paging".

By visual inspection, many men may notice a kind of "failure" in the center of the sternum, while the side and shoulder muscles are well developed. This is because there is no daily load on the internal areas of your chest. To inflate them and achieve muscle definition and strength, we need special strength exercises.

For the beauty of the upper part of the torso meet two pairs of muscles:

  • The pectoralis major.
  • Small chest.

When properly carried out the power they can both develop symmetrically, but since the sheet pectoralis major muscle is very extensive, it can develop incorrectly, forming a "hole" in the middle and a bulge at the shoulder.

Basic rules for beginners

On pumping chest muscles of a press, there are conditions that you should read the beginners, before you begin creating shapes.

  • Scenario # 1 (main)

The wider the distance between the hands in emphasis, the chest muscles will be involved stronger. Therefore, when a too narrow grip will work the triceps mainly, it is optimally hands placed slightly wider than shoulder width. Then the pump will be easier and more effective.

  • The situation № 2

The upper chest will be used more if the hands will be higher to rise above the head during push-UPS.

  • The situation № 3

His hands squeeze gently and release sharply.

  • Situation No. 4

The efficiency of extraction will be greater if the legs on the exercise will be above the head.

  • Situation No. 5

It is very important for the man to follow the breath, to build muscle chest at home. The exhalation is done with maximum force (up) and sigh – when calm (down), which is typical for any strength exercise.

  • Situation No. 6

Periodically needs rest, so the classes must go through the day. Initially, the pain is all hershould not be afraid, with regular training she is gradually taking place.

Professional bodybuilders, based on practice, I think that for the visible result need to do 4 sets with 7-12 reps and only regularly.

Hard training is half the battle, it is important to remember about proper nutrition with enough protein. The frequency of meals ‒ 5-6 times, the gap between the food needs to be about 3.5-4 hours. Protein foods (eggs, fish, meat, milk) are consumed at the rate of 3 g/1 kg of body weight. Clean water must also be in sufficient quantity (about 2 liters).

Looks like a lesson-based

At home to pump up pectoral muscles, it is recommended to systematically perform the following exercises. They are not complicated, do not require special training and special material costs, so any beginner who wants to "shape your dream", will be able to do.

  • Standard spin

The emphasis of the palms and socks to the floor, body straight, hands slightly wider than shoulders. The smooth movement without jerks and deflection of the torso, and it is necessary to do three sets of push-UPS 19-25. This exercise is recommended to perform the first to the pectoral muscles become warmed up.

  • The head is below the feet

Such movements are the basis to effectively pump up the chest muscles male in the home. Recommended 4 sets of 12-20 reps. Feet are in focus on the chair, hands on the floor slightly wider than shoulders, body straight.

  • Wringing and stretching

The power of movement in tension is needed for maximum muscle development. At home you need to take two chairs, put next so that your hands slightly wider than shoulders. Legs better put on the couch that they were on the level above the chairs. When the push-up body needs to sink deeply in his chest and felt a slight pain. The thoracic muscles are stretched and grow.

In order to pump up the chest muscles male in the home more efficiently, it is desirable to use sports equipment:

  • Collapsible dumbbells (5-25 kg).
  • Bars.
  • An adjustable bench.

The upper breast is the most complex area, it is difficult to pump at home. The lower part of the chest it is best to pump on folding boards, sessions should be performed 2-3 times a week, 3-4 approach (10-15 times in the approach).

Fast results at home: what you need to know

The desire to pump chest muscles at home, small, it is important to remember that excessive load at the beginning of the class are not welcome and do not contribute to rapid growth. Completely unprepared for physically strong men pumping may result in injuries and torn ligaments. Gradual increase in physical activity with regularity are the two maintrump beautiful embossed and male Breasts.

Patience and only patience, setting a goal, you need to stock up on them as ever, and after half a year of classes, you will see the changes in her figure. To work with a barbell or dumbbells are allowed to start only at the stage of resistance training and definitely before each exercise remember to warm up your muscles.

After achieving the desired result, exercises at home to finish impossible. To torso remained beautiful for years, need daily maintenance exercises – chin-UPS and push-UPS.