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Rules quick to inflate biceps at home

Every man wants to look attractive, so his muscles must act as a relief throughout the body. It will have to spend more than one month of intense training, and to strengthen the result, sports exercise should be metered and the regular, otherwise all purchased evaporate like smoke. It is not always possible, and a desire to regularly attend the gym. Many sports fans enjoy doing at home or at the nearby stadium. Today, we will discuss how to build biceps at home. Many people, especially beginners, give the biceps a lot of time and effort, and is rewarding muscle has soon emblazoned on the body.


General information

Core strength man has two biceps on the arm and leg. Usually at the mention biceps means two-headed muscle of a shoulder, but today we will discuss the hamstrings too.

The biceps brachii – headed muscle of a shoulder formed on the inner surface and is responsible for the flexion, it is involved in the heavy lifting.

The hamstrings – the biceps femoris, located on the back of its surface and are responsible for flexing the knee and straightening the hip.

Knowledge of muscle function is important for understanding how to choose exercises for a certain group.

Let us examine how to build biceps at home, when it comes to the biceps. If exercise is to do it methodically and correctly, then your muscle will quickly gain mass or get relief. The first changes you will notice after a week.

Classification of pumping the biceps:

  • Using dumbbells:
  1. Bending of hands with dumbbells.
  2. Hammer lifting dumbbells.
  3. Lifts dumbbells with a towel.
  4. Exercises with a barbell.
  5. Using pull-UPS on the crossbar.
  6. Using push-UPS against a hard surface.

Minimum equipment

Consider exercises for flexion of the hand using minimal equipment.

The greatest distribution in the process of biceps workout got dumbbells. This is one of the simplest and most effective ways, and, importantly, so you can pump up the biceps at home without any problems. It will have to use only dumbbells, in addition, you may need a stool, ball or just a convenient hill.

The above exercises will quickly shape the biceps, but still requires sports facilities, although minimal. But the chin-up and push-UPS are less effective, but available to everyone, even at home, if, for example, to set the bar in the doorway.

Catch up

Describe the training pulling up.

A pull-up or the crossbar can also be severalvariations. To pump up the biceps, it is better to do a narrow grip. And don't forget to buy gloves, otherwise your hands zapestret calluses. The chin-up you are exercising not only the biceps but also the widest muscle in the back, so the weight increase with these exercises difficult, but the elevation will quickly make excellent. If you just started pulling up on the bar, it is better to do 3-4 times a week, and a month and can complicate the program.

A classic of the genre: pushups for the biceps

And, finally, we come to the push UPS – the classics of the genre. Methods spin a lot, and that will be useful for biceps?

  1. If you are a beginner, start practicing with a strap, it will allow you to tone muscles and avoid sprains and other injuries. It is particularly important in the strap to use the position of the brushes described below – the wrist has to get used to not quite physiological position.
  2. If hard doing push UPS – start-UPS from a wall or sofa. Don't give up!
  3. For easier push-UPS you can stretch the feet into the wall.
  4. Hands should be positioned at shoulder level, and even better – a little already.
  5. Don't forget to follow line of head – butt – heels, it must be perfectly smooth, otherwise all efforts in vain.
  6. Correctly position the palm of your hand: your thumbs should point to the chest, that is, the palm is slightly inward.
  7. Exercise, not getting sex, otherwise the whole load will go on the chest muscles.
  8. Don't overdo it, build up the pace gradually.

To summarize the above:

  • Effectively to pump up the biceps at home.
  • The performance of the exercises in descending order: exercise with a barbell flexion with dumbbells – pullups – pushups.
  • To pump up the biceps at home without any equipment is possible only push-UPS, or another option is to come up with an alternative to dumbbells.
  • Don't forget to warm up well before performing a training, or bruises and sprains cannot be avoided.

We'll talk about whether it is possible to pump up the hamstrings at home. Biceps femoris is a massive muscle which causes difficulty in her training. To give the current load on the hamstrings, you will need a equipment, which to keep, not everyone can. If you have the barbell Romanian deadlifts is the most thoroughly pumped the muscle. However, so train without an experienced instructor is dangerous.

To give tone and pump up the biceps by using different squats – the classic, bell, Smith. However, the bicep will be used again because of the exercises are not as effective.

The essence of Bulgarian squats is to squat on one leg while the other leg is fixed tohills. The technique of performing sit-UPS implies a concentration of the entire load on one leg, which increases the effectiveness of the training.

Beautiful be banned! Beautiful to pump up muscles and give relief to body can be not only exhausting trainings in the gym. Regularity, orderliness and competence in performing the exercises at home guarantees you high results. About how to build biceps at home, we spoke in detail in the article. The case for small – start exercising!