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Exercises for pumping up calves of legs at home

Skinny calves is not a death sentence. How to build the calves of the legs? To build fast muscle mass is easier than discard it. A month and a half of regular training at home no longer than 20 minutes, you will see a noticeable improvement in relief. Before describing all of these exercises at home, get acquainted with the muscles of the calf.

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What constitutes a calf relief

What muscles form the calf of the terrain, and their functions:

  • The gastrocnemius is two-headed muscle that starts from the thigh and attached to ahillova tendon.
  • Soleus – the flat muscle, originates from the greater and fibula, is also attached to the Achilles. Has a rather large size and is located under the gastrocnemius muscle, but less of it.
  • Plantar muscle has a small size and a long tendon. Is between the above muscles. Thought to be vestigial, as 10 % of people are born without it.
  • Anterior tibial muscle. Function – abduction and extension of the foot.

The gastrocnemius muscle functions of:

  1. Bend and unbend the ankle and foot.
  2. Carry out the rotation inwards of the tibia.
  3. Supination (raising limb). The extension of the foot.

Effective training

Here are the exercises that allow you to quickly pump calves at home. Special sports equipment is not required, it is possible to manage the means at hand.

  • "Spring" and its modifications – simple exercises that don't take much time. Very good work the calf muscles form the calf relief.

Starting position: stand up straight, slowly lift heels up on his toes to maximum height. Then slowly lower them without touching the floor. And again raise. The number of repetitions from 100 times. For 1.5–2 months of training, you can quietly pump up the calves.

  • "The spring with the weights". To complicate the exercise, using dumbbells as weights, and for lack of them, you can take the bags with barley or sand.
  • "Advanced springs" on each foot alternately with and without weights. It is important to alternate evenly the load on both legs. At home as cargo using various means available. With the weights to do 25 times to four sets.
  • Lifts with stand – the perfect exercise to pump up calf muscle at home. Kickstand can serve as a thick book, step on a staircase or just a flat plate.

Important advice for those doing home. Perform exercise in a well ventilated place and after 1.5–2 hours after a meal. During the classes at home should follow the rhythm of breathing and to observe the drinking regime.

  1. Exercises shouldbegin with a warm up of muscles and end with a sprained ankle. In a wide step back to put the heel on the floor and tilt your torso forward. Stretching for 15 seconds on each leg. This is done in order not to clog the muscles.
  2. The amplitude of movement should be optimal.
  3. Alternate load and types of exercises.
  4. The optimal frequency of training – 2-3 times a week with weights not to overdo it, so as not to trigger seizures.
  5. Power complex for the calf muscles occurs at the end of training.
  6. Weight transfer to the toes will allow to increase load on calves.

Always a pleasure to watch on the athletic legs and a beautifully decorated elastic calves. Find the time to do them, and the result will bring you a reasonable expectation. And if you really want, even at home can quickly turn skinny legs into shapely athletic legs. You see, it's very nice to feel in good shape.