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Methods of inflating back muscles at home and gym

How to pump up back at home, in the gym or care about men. Girls during training have focused on the region of the abdominals, hips, buttocks or waist. Focusing only on the muscles in these parts of the body is fundamentally wrong, every part of the human body are not isolated from one another.

Широкая спина

Basic requirements

Correctly to build muscle at home is not an easy task. It resolved quickly is almost impossible. It will require serious physical efforts and costs large amounts of calories. This is because spinal muscles take quite a large area of the body and perform various functions. The coaches in the selection of the optimal exercises recommended conditional split muscle groups into separate sections that perform a common physiological task. Divided into two areas – upper and lower. With the development of a set of home exercises take into account that it is necessary not only to increase the volume, but the shoulders make a visually wider.

To achieve a good result both in the home and in the gym, it is important to comply with basic requirements for training:

  1. We must start the compulsory warm-up. This rule is required to comply regardless of whether simple or complex, you will use the simulator to develop individual muscle groups.
  2. To correctly finish each training session with adequate stretching of the muscle groups.
  3. If for achievement of necessary result it is necessary to use a barbell, the weight need to build up carefully and gradually.
  4. The question of how to pump up the broad back with a nice relief, any specialist will answer that the key to success will be regular and systematic home tutoring. What does it mean? If you think about how to pump up the back on the bar, then you must know that these classes do not need to be performed more frequently than 2 times per week. Otherwise muscle groups, such as the widest, you will not have time to recover. Although more rare the workout ineffective.
  5. If the issue of how to pump up the back with dumbbells or similar weights at home, then the selection of the required weight, too, must be approached thoughtfully. It is calculated so that once the exercising athlete can perform 8 to 12 repetitions of this exercise. While the last two should be almost at the limit.

Exercises to correct at home and the gym is better with the involvement of the fitness trainer or bodybuilding. At this stage, enhanced training not recommended. Exercises should be performed daily, regardless of gender andthe age of the student. To achieve the desired result, exercises must be done at 10 times by an average of 2 approach. Then physical energy must be distributed evenly on both the shoulders and the lumbar region.

How to determine what the body is fully prepared for further study, and possible to pump the widest muscle? It's pretty simple. When the whole preparation complex will be performed in one breath, pass muscle soreness in the lumbar region, shoulders after stress will no longer bother, respectively, the body is ready to power loads.

After watching the video on changing terrain, the people on the question of how to pump up your back or dumbbells with barbells, will answer that it is quite easy. To argue it is the fact that there is a certain base load on the lower and upper back, shoulders. This statement is not entirely true. Of course, such classes are. They can be carried out at home or gym the gym – like exercise equipment, and with dumbbells or a barbell. To pump up muscles and to achieve a good result, you must make a separate load for each individual muscle group.

What muscles need to pump to achieve the desired result?

  1. One of the conditions of good posture and are well-developed trapezius muscles. The absence of a stoop and beautiful shoulders too they provide.
  2. The widest choice of muscle groups are also responsible for posture, give strength to, carry out the motor activity of the upper limbs.
  3. Large round muscle woman during fitness classes are overlooked and not trying to drug her. This is not entirely true. Developing this the man receives so-called "wings", upper back. In women, if the shoulders are slightly extended, and will create the visual effect of a narrower waist. Therefore, the right to pump and loading this area can be regardless of gender.
  4. A large enough muscle group allows the vertical position of the body and helps to unbend the spine. That is, creates a much-needed part of the muscular system. Adequate load in the home gym and the gym in order to avoid the development of pathological processes in this area of the back.
  5. The lower area controlled by specific muscle groups of the lower back. In the absence of training the lower back can bother the person unpleasant pain.

Professional advice

Of course, if you've played sports and have some basic knowledge, you quickly inflate and to adjust the shape and relief at home would be easy. If this is the initial steps to beautifulthe figure, without competent and timely professional assistance can not do. To correctly pump up your back muscles, not enough to read about how to pump up your back with push UPS, or watch a special video. Only regular exercise in the home environment provide the best opportunity to pump up the back. Trainers will help to correctly calculate the force, when using equipment or when working with a barbell. Classes with a professional trainer in the fitness gym will help avoid injuries.

What advice would you give professional athletes properly planned complex correction back at home?

  1. No need to use for this purpose long and frequent loading, especially in the muscles of the chest. This can lead to incorrect posture due to the fact that the shoulders are pulled forward and down. Creates the visual effect of a narrower back.
  2. For posture it is necessary to watch not only in the gym but also at home. How to do it? How to quickly and correctly identify the natural posture? There is no need to carry out long calculations. Just need to stand up straight, spread your upper torso and shoulders. They should be aimed up instead of down. Having breathing exercises, you should try to dial in the lungs as much air as possible. The abdomen, the press should be strained. The result is a natural human posture. Obtained after this exercise, the result pin.
  3. All the time you need to follow the correct formulation of the posture, keep shoulders straight. It is also necessary to monitor how tense the muscles of the back, bottom of the press. Initially, it will be difficult, but with time you get used to it, and the body will be perceived naturally. Next will be a tremendous opportunity to pump up muscles.
  4. Sitting on a chair while watching a video or reading a book, you need to put on the floor both feet, and your back muscles should be tensed, his shoulders back, to ensure correct posture.
  5. When you use strength training or barbell exercises some people are trying to lift more weight. And this is a mistake. In this case, exercises for the chest muscles and arms, not on shoulders and bottom or the top of the back. To avoid this, you must first learn to feel the entire part of the load imposed on the data of the muscle groups, and only then increase the weight when working with a barbell or with dumbbells.
  6. A wide range of possibilities to pump up the hem and upper back, give training in the gym on the bar. However, in this case exercise you need to properly perform. Specialattention is given to lowering the time after the pull-UPS. It is in this moment and the load on the muscles. So at the gym, often under the jungle gym has a special bench.

Regular exercise at home or in the gym with proper observance of all recommendations of the coach provide an opportunity pretty quickly to pump up the back.