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Learning the chin-up child and adult from scratch

How to learn a pull-up from scratch – is of concern to all beginners, self-learning exercises on the crossbar. There are many different techniques that allow the beginner to learn very effectively to train on the bar just a month or even a week.

Мужчина подтягивается

In order to understand how to learn to catch up from scratch, you must first work those muscle groups that are responsible for the ascent of the body on the crossbar. Start to train and the widest back muscles, biceps, triceps, abs. For these purposes it is better to use classes with the expander, harness, weights, and other additional goods. You can engage in at home. Work-out a week or two, you will strengthen your muscles, and further pulling on the bar will be for you a fairly simple task that you can easily and quickly deal.

The method of negative repetition

The beginner who has never in my life have fulfilled this kind of exercise, it is important to have information about how to learn a pull-up without pull-up bar from scratch. For this purpose, suitable special technique called negative reps technique. The exercise can be performed independently in any convenient place. For these purposes will not even need the crossbar.

The essence of the exercise is to pre-training the body and fixing the housing in a special position characteristic of pull-UPS. Just stand on a stool, put your hands up, holding an imaginary bar wide grip (placing fists at shoulder width). Next, you should make movement of the body, as if lifting it up, lowering down. Exercise should learn to perform smoothly and slowly, carefully working through all involved muscle groups. One approach should make about 5-7 imaginary pull-UPS. While during the day it is recommended to not do more than 3 approaches.

Aspiring athletes that can't catch up-not once, will be useful to workout with a partner. To do this, place your assistant behind so that he could help you raise the body up and support in case of any surprises. Remember that during training with a partner most of the effort must come from you.

How to learn pull-up 30 times – such a task is challenging but doable for the serious minded athlete. Systematic and regular training from scratch with a gradual increase in the number of pull-UPS and approaches will allow the beginner to learn to catch up a lot of time and set your personal record pretty soon. The ideal technique is to increase the number of pull-UPS ineach of them 1-2 times with each subsequent week of training. So, after 6-7 weeks you may well be able to catch up 30 times, even if it never came up to the bar.

Learn techniques

To from zero to fully learn how a pull-up, you should be familiar with the techniques of pull-UPS:

  • The wide grip pullups. When performing this type of pull-UPS athlete's hands are approximately shoulder width apart, elbows are lowered down, and the body slightly leans forward. When lifting you should fix the body in a flat, horizontal position.
  • Pulling the top grip — recommended for young athletes because it promotes optimal development of the main muscle groups in the arms, back and chest. When you perform the hands placed shoulder width apart, and legs bent at the knees. A fixed point of the hoist touches the horizontal bar of the chest muscles, after which you can drop down and maximally relaxing and straightening arms.
  • Chin-UPS reverse grip – efficient technology, in order to learn to catch up with zero. When you perform pull-UPS you need to take the bar, placing hands in front of body at extremely close distance from each other. To catch up to the contact of the bar with the chest.
  • To catch up on the one hand is quite a complex exercise, which should go a well-mastered other techniques of pull-UPS. So, how to learn to catch up on one hand? Training should start by placing a free hand on the wrist of the limb, which at this time is on the horizontal bar. Then gradually move his free hand up to the forearm, the biceps, and then shoulders. It is very important to observe the specified sequence, perform smoothly and accurately.

Caution: small

How to teach a child to catch up on the bar with zero – interest to many parents, especially a boy. At the heart of teaching young athletes are the same equipment and rules as for adults. But kids need to exercise particular caution in order to avoid possible muscle injuries. Good results in teaching the boy pull-UPS on the horizontal bar gives the complex:

  1. Pull-UPS enabled. Lift the child so that he could easily grasp the bar, placing hands shoulder-width apart. Making sure that the baby holds tight, release it, allowing it to hang yourself, but do not forget about insurance. The next step is to gently lift the body of the child above the horizontal bar. With each subsequent training adults need to reduce their participation in the classroom,so that baby can develop their muscles and skills in the technique of pull-UPS.
  2. Pull from the wall. When you run the child's feet are located on the lower level of the wall, which somewhat simplifies the process of tightening. Gradually while lifting the chin to the upper leg straps from the support must be removed, shifting the weight on the dorsal and pectoral muscle.

The duration of employment

Doctors, trainers and professional athletes don't recommend beginners to do pull-UPS more often than 4 times a week. It is best to do between training intervals in one day. Such breaks are necessary to give the muscles the opportunity to rest and fully recover. To restore functionality of the muscles is important enough and sleep well.

Great importance is the correct, balanced diet. For full formation of muscles need a sufficient amount of protein. Therefore, in the daily diet of the athlete must include foods such as eggs, cheese, milk, meat and sea fish. Extra energy for workouts can be obtained with the help of the fast carbohydrates contained in fresh fruit and dried fruit. But from eating foods rich in simple carbohydrates (sweets, confectionery, pastries, sugar) it is better to refrain.

Mastering pull-UPS on the bar from scratch, even for a week is available to any athlete, regardless of age and skills. Systematic, regular training in compliance with the basic rules will help to achieve brilliant results in a short time!