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The rules of learning the correct chin-up for beginners

How to catch up – this question interests many beginners, mastering the exercises on the horizontal bar. Today, there are many different techniques and methods with video, allowing for a very short time to achieve the desired results. Consider the most effective and popular ones.

правильно подтягиваться

Muscle strengthening

In order to properly catch up on the bar, achieving truly impressive results, you need to pay special attention to the development and exercise of the muscle groups involved in lifting. It weakened the muscles become an insurmountable obstacle for most beginners.

For additional workouts at home are perfect accessories such as barbells, expanders, dumbbells and ropes. The technique of muscle development is extremely simple. The muscles of the forearm can be effectively developed using a manual expander, performing correctly the maximum available amount of exercise.

For strengthening the biceps perfectly fit an ordinary rubber band. The athlete need only reinforce the harness with one hand and holding the second end of the right way to start to do the exercises in the bending of the arms. This kind of exercises that you can perform at home, gives you the opportunity to get good results in a short time.

Also, the tightening of the body participate actively and spinal muscles to strengthen which you can use tilts with additional load in the form of dumbbells, barbells, etc the Chest muscles and triceps are developed by the push UPS from the floor or from the bench, breeding expander in front of your chest.

Push-UPS it is recommended to perform 4 sets with 10-15 repetitions per cycle. These exercises will help to prepare your body for the proper execution of pull-UPS. One to two months regular training on the horizontal bar, and the correct execution of pull-UPS on the bar will become quite affordable even for beginners!

Basic techniques

The implementation of the above recommendations will greatly facilitate the learning process and allow them to correctly, safely and quickly to master all the techniques of pullups on the bar even at home!

Breathing nuances

Breathing plays an important role for the proper and efficient execution of pull-UPS. Therefore, a beginner athlete should know about how to breathe correctly when tightening. Of course, the breath should be smooth and deep. But for best results, before a pull-up, we recommend the following exercises:

  1. Hanging on the bar should be slightly bent leg at the knee regionand take them back.
  2. Next, you need to shoulder blades up to the maximum point of tension, thus making a deep breath through the nose.
  3. Slowly lift the body up, while making a smooth exhale, which should continue until it reaches the upper peak point.
  4. Not fixing the casing at the top, begin a slow descent, accompanying his smooth nose breathing.
  5. Exercise is recommended to correctly repeat at least three times.
  6. This embodiment allows to correctly adjust the breath, the mind, a technique greatly facilitating the process of pull-UPS.

Learn the rules of pullups on the bar — very affordable task to handle even for a novice athlete. Regular workouts and following a few basic rules will help to achieve brilliant results in a very short time.