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How to hang men for good relief of muscle

Many, especially the muscle-lovers, the onset of summer, concerned the same question: how to hang men for relief of muscle? To fat quickly disappeared, and belly drawn the coveted dice.

бодибилдер с поднятыми руками

What is important to know?

The first and most important rule: there must be something that needs to be dry! "Embossed gingerbread man", from all sides fat and have a bulky tummy, even when all efforts fail to achieve tangible results and gain coveted torso.

The second condition ‒ the need to understand the difference between anabolism and catabolism:

  • Catabolism (decomposition, destruction) is the set of reactions aimed at the degradation of organic substances.
  • Anabolism (growth) ‒ chemical processes resulting in the formation of cells and tissue growth.

Drying refers to the process of catabolism, it is when it is the destruction of not only fat cells but also muscle tissue. For men it is important to remember to remove only the fat and leave the muscle in place is impossible, during drying there is a "shrinkage" of both.

Because properly dried for maximum preservation of the relief means to minimize muscle loss as much as possible. In order to possess a sports figure, you don't need to have huge biceps. With a small degree of subcutaneous fat torso looks very pronounced and muscular. But it is important to know that the struggle for a beautiful body starts from a young age and not in the gym and at the table. "We are what we eat" ‒ this phrase accurately reflects the appearance of any person. You can't eat large quantities of unhealthy, fatty, unbalanced food, wash it down with gallons of coke or beer and dream about relief muscles. When this way of life can only increase the fat and, of course, to dry, to have relief in this situation would be useless.

Bodybuilders are well-versed in the rules of drying, claim to dry properly without prior training "base" too. The person who is far from professional sports, but not overweight, to drop the fat and water don't need muscles and stand out in beautiful relief. Thin nature it's important for people to take care of the proportions, the muscles should be evenly swapped, including on the feet.

Knowing how to properly dry for a good relief of muscle can eventually become the owner of a stunning pattern that will mesmerize the ladies and the envy of men.

Sacrifice in the name of the shape

Yes, not only women have to make sacrificesto have a beautiful figure. For men the correct reliefs and contrast are also important, as ladies slim waist, they just prefer not to voice their concerns.

To properly dry and to have relief muscles, men need to plan meals to fulfill just two conditions:

  • To expend more calories and eat less.
  • To maintain a high metabolic rate.

The first condition to decipher the details do not need, roughly speaking: "eat less, move more." What about the right of a metabolism much more complicated, will have to Dodge and "deceive" the organism. The fact is that when a person begins to eat little, the body panics, decides that "came the lean years" and if the metabolism is fast, then "host is alive fins stick together". So, should immediately slow down your metabolism to hold out as long as possible. It affects the quality of drying and overall health of men.

How to diet and keep need metabolism? One of the simple rules: the more will be the meal, the faster the metabolism. But since the purpose of drying muscle, not gain weight and to lose it, right there in small portions, 6-10 times a day. Pros before the competition cut your diet to chicken breast and a small amount of low fat cream cheese (incentive: cash prize). But for ordinary men are victim to anything, it is a serious test for the organism.

In front of aerobic exercises are not recommended to take carbohydrate food at least three hours before exercise), since it increases insulin levels, which in turn, inhibits the process of fat burning. In order to correctly make the drying of muscles, and to obtain a beautiful relief, it is important to think about the menu.

In order to avoid harm to the health of the power supply circuit varies smoothly (2-3 weeks). The goal is to deprive the body of fat feeding outside and get to start right to spend your own stocks, that hang in ugly folds on her stomach, sides, hips.

How to dry to see the relief of muscle and fat melted away? Schematically, for every kilogram of weight shall have 2 grams of protein.

A new approach to training

To properly dried and get the desired relief of muscle from heavy loads should be abandoned.

Important points:

  • The concentration should be at the "base", the number of repetitions of exercise adjusted to 20 and more.
  • Schedule in conjunction with the diet should not last more than 3 months, otherwise it will be thoroughly undermined health.
  • Completely eliminate strength training is impossible, or together with the fat disappears the muscles.
  • During drying there is a strong burden on the heart, kidneys and liver, so sensing that somethinggoes wrong, the drying of the muscles immediately cease.
  • Be sure to avoid stressful situations.

Experts on bodybuilding believe that running is the best means for drying, but when running, as with any aerobic exercise, it burns fat, and muscle tissue. If there is no purpose to lose muscle, then the right will just be a long walk, down while it is burning stronger than intense but short-lived load.

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The Internet is replete with suggestions about drugs that help with proper drying of the muscle tissue. Which one is most effective is hard to say, as difficult to understand what really helps, and that the information on this page is the usual "dummy". For bodybuilders more familiar and proven Supplement, BCAAs, it helps to dry and keep the relief of muscle men.

And finally: listen closely to your body is imperative! The purpose of the right of drying and healthy beautiful body, excellent health men. Believe me, the relief muscle or a doctor, NICU, nor the pathologist did not impress.