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Ways to increase the number of pull-UPS on the horizontal bar by using different techniques

How to increase the number of pull-UPS – this question sooner or later, given everyone seriously involved in the exercises on the horizontal bar. Consider some of the most effective and efficient methods to increase the load and achieve brilliant results in a very short time.

мужчина подтягивается на турнике

Pullups on the bar — a great alternative to a workout at the gym. Regularly doing exercises on the bar, it is possible to develop the pectoral and dorsal muscles, increased load significantly and pump up the arms. The result — a slim and trim figure. However, beginners often can't perform more than five pull-UPS in one set. For this there are special techniques and programs to quickly increase the number of pull-UPS.

Special techniques

These techniques help to strengthen the pulling muscles, which are responsible for the rise of the case on the bar and increase the number of pull-UPS:

  1. Ladder method. This method is to increase the number of pull-UPS involves the gradual, step-load distribution. An athlete doing exercises in one approach, followed by a pause (15-20 seconds), and then — new approach of pull-UPS on the bar. The optimal number of repetitions to seven to ten. Thus, one can achieve a uniform load distribution and to obtain the desired result.
  2. The technique of frequent repetition. This method of training, ideal for beginner athletes involved in self-improvement at home. The essence of the method consists in performing a large number of pull-UPS with a small number of repetitions. In order to quickly increase the load and get the desired result, the horizontal bar should be installed in the place which you often visit. And then, every time I walk past it, do the exercises on the bar three or four times, which is easy even for a beginner. In an average day should be done about ten approaches. At the end of the month it is recommended to make a test pull-up to determine the maximum number of iterations, and given this information to adjust the number of exercises for one approach.
  3. Training with extra weight. Perform exercises on the crossbar with additional cargo – one well-known and very effective way not only to increase the number of pull-UPS, but also to improve the quality of training, giving an additional load on the muscles. But this method is only suitable for those athletes that can perform about ten repetitions for one approach at the bar. Otherwise, the result may beadverse, until the damaged muscle ligaments. The extra weight professionals use a special vest - weighting. However, if you are at home, replace it with ordinary plastic bottles. Containers are filled with water and placed in a backpack. Then just wear a backpack on his shoulders and begin to perform exercises on the horizontal bar. The recommended number of repetitions to ten. To conduct this kind of training for the bar should be at intervals of one to two days.
  4. Method "Sotochku". Good result gives a technique referred to as "Hundreds". The essence of the presented techniques is that during training, the athlete must perform exactly one hundred pull-UPS. The number of approaches can be absolutely any. The retry interval should be at least two to three minutes.
  5. The method of alternation. This methodology includes two basic exercises that should be performed alternately. For a start, the athlete must catch up on the bar above the level of the chin and try as long as possible to fix your body in that position. The following exercise involves the tightening, with a gradual lowering of the body at half height. Then, not sinking completely, you need to lift the body up.
  6. The reduction of repetitions. A great way to increase the number of pull-UPS to twenty times is a technique of reduced repetition. Training is divided into five phased parts. And with each new approach the number is gradually declining. To perform the recommended exercises twice a day. With each succeeding week the number of repetitions in each set should be increased by one or two pullups.
  7. The breathing techniques. To increase the number of pull-UPS you can also with the help of special breathing exercises. The exercises are very simple, but very effective during lowering of the torso the athlete needs to take a deep nasal breath, while lifting, on the contrary, exhale all the air through your mouth. Breathing during exercise should be measured, smooth, smooth and deep. A good effect is the accompanying alternation of the forward and reverse grip.

Additional recommendations

Professional athletes and coaches are advised to follow these guidelines to increase pull-UPS:

  1. Quick pull-UPS help to achieve maximum results in the shortest possible time.
  2. Good effect gives the use during training of the special weighting. But do not forget that to increase the weight should slowly and gradually, starting with minimum loads.
  3. A necessary condition for successful learning is a good feelingathlete. For this reason, experts do not recommend to train and do pull-UPS if you have any disease, fatigue and especially traumatic injuries.
  4. Be sure to do intervals between sets. The optimal time intervals — two to three minutes.
  5. Good and quick result training, using a thick bar. Because these classes are given to the athlete more severe and are accompanied by intensive additional load on the muscles of the hand responsible for the duration and frequency of pull-UPS.
  6. Don't do pull-UPS daily! In order to workout has been very effective and safe, the muscles should be given time to recover. The optimal scheme of lessons for beginners is three workouts on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Pullups on the bar — effective workouts that help to get the perfect fit, gradually increase the load and maintain muscle tone. Using special techniques on the horizontal bar, it is possible for a short period to increase the number of pull-UPS, achieving the most favorable results.