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Features the work of muscles during the deadlift

Beautiful and relief body is the result of long and hard training, sometimes at risk to their own health. Beauty requires sacrifice, as many would say. But still the goal of modern man must be not only beauty, but also the preservation and promotion of health. To achieve maximum results with a minimum expenditure of time and, most importantly, no damage to your own body is not only good to know what groups of muscles involved in the exercise, but to learn the technique thoroughly. Ideally, all training will be monitored by an experienced instructor who is always on time will indicate errors during program execution. For those who are trying to handle things on my own, our today's article.

становая тяга

The most effective and the most traumatic pumping

Anyone ever been in the gym, heard about the miraculous muscle pump if regularly in the scope of training includes deadlifts. Indeed, the deadlift is the base Foundation for all professionally engaged in weightlifting. No other exercises where as effectively muscles work virtually the entire body.

Deadlift is the most effective but also the most traumatic exercise. The meaning of the complex in lifting weights on slightly bent legs and with a perfectly straight back, short hold the bar in front of him and the smooth return to the original position. It would seem, nothing complicated, but improper separate can cause serious diseases of the spine and other injuries.

There are a number of contra-indications for such training. Since the deadlift provides a greater load on the spine, people with any disease of the spine, build muscles this way is strictly prohibited. What is the disease? The list is long: scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, spinal hernia, and trauma in the past and other diseases. No holding zone in such situations will not save.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of the method:

  1. Person swings from almost all groups of muscles of the back and most of the leg muscles.
  2. To exercise the muscles needed only a barbell and a dumbbell.
  3. Deadlifts gives you a great experience in weight lifting that can be useful in everyday life.
  4. Having mastered this exercise, you are guaranteed to acquire excellent posture, because actively working muscles of the back.


  1. Without consultation of a specialist can severely damage the spine.
  2. It is difficult to properly and safely perform a deadlift, despite the apparent simplicity in the description of the equipment.
  3. Please note that shoes for exercise should be comfortable, without the slightest heel andnezamechena, as in this case, the direction of force along the foot will also change.

Barbell with dumbbells is ahead of the exercising, feet slightly narrower than shoulder width, shins lightly touch the neck, hands, inner side of the forearm should touch the outer surface of the legs. Grip you can use any. However, it should be noted that raznocvet, compared to other methods, increases the rotating movement of the spine, which can contribute to damage. The shoulders should be exactly above the fretboard. Only the back is always straight, otherwise, the load will concentrate on lumbar spine and provoke his injury (allowed small deflection of the waist). Knees slightly bent to reduce stress on the joints. Should be direct forward.

Consider lifting a barbell. For proper barbell lifting, you need to imagine that someone pulls up on the hook starting position, slowly and carefully. As it turns out: it is necessary to start to straighten the body, slowly straightening his back and straightening the knees. At the end of the hip should come forward, and the body weight with the rod to move from toe to heel. This whole stage takes place on the breath. The exhalation should begin the most difficult time of the exercise, everyone decides individually. Lower the rod must also smoothly and slowly, doing all the movements in reverse order. In any case it should not be completely ground rod should just touch the floor, otherwise it will lead to muscle relaxation.

Characteristics of other species

Describe alternative options.

  1. While the classic deadlift work the muscles previously listed. The greatest burden falls on the long muscle of the back.
  2. Deadlifts sumo is legs – they are the most divorced, almost at the level of the dumbbells and socks stop just reserved to the sides. With this performance, the load from the back is partially removed, and work the thigh muscles. This kind of traction allows you to lift a large mass, suitable for athletes with long arms and weak back.
  3. The Romanian deadlift is different because the barbell with weights to do with sex, which also removes additional load from the muscles of the lower back. The rest are working the same groups as in the classical version.
  4. Deadlift with straight legs involves lifting a barbell from the hill a little above the knees. The initial ascent as a consequence smoother, which also protects the loin muscles.
  5. Deadlifts with the stamp differs only in the use of technology in a special "lightweight" of the neck, making it easier to perform exercises, but they work all the muscles as in the classic version.

Deadlift is the Foundation of weightlifting. What other techniques will help yourmuscles so smoothly and work effectively, and the result will not be reap? Subject to exercise equipment, and better under the supervision of an experienced instructor you will transform your body according to the canons of Ancient Greece, where it is always admired, raised amounts of men.