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Varieties and techniques of reverse push UPS

Reverse pushups are a range of effective basic exercises that allows you to work and strengthen the muscles of the triceps. Due to the fact that this type of training provides ample opportunities for load balancing, it is ideal for both men and women. There are a large number of techniques and methods dips with video accompaniment. Consider in more detail the particularities and subtleties of execution.

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The essence

Reverse push UPS are specific exercises that are performed in order to pass the medial beam, stretching and increasing strength of the so-called tripovich muscles. In addition to the triceps work also involved the chest muscles and the front of the Delta beam. In carrying out these exercises of a hand of the athlete are behind the body, not in front of him, as during traditional pushups, which causes their name.

If you regularly do this kind of exercise, it is possible to achieve very favorable results, making the hands more strong, sturdy and uploaded. Regular reverse push-UPS help to improve muscle relief. This is evidenced by the videos of people practicing this form of exercise. In this training do not need any special sports equipment and special training. The technique involves performing reverse push-UPS not only on bars but also from the floor or from the bench, so effectively you can even do at home.


Compared to other types of strength training for developing triceps reverse push-UPS have a number of significant advantages:

  • Exercise allows you to maximize the load on the triceps.
  • Given the fact that reverse pushups are actively working all three heads of the muscle group, lots of hands increases fairly quickly, and most importantly, evenly.
  • Exercises can be supplemented with an unlimited weight making the workout very effective and beneficial to the athlete at any level.
  • Reverse pushups on the bars not only increase muscle mass but make you stronger.
  • During training you can change the position of the feet and width of grip.
  • Reverse pushups work of a group of small muscles-stabilizers, which remain virtually untapped when performing other types of exercises.
  • Exercises help to strengthen the posterior surface of the hand, which is considered a problematic area, especially the fairer sex.
  • Pushups can be performed even at home without usingspecial equipment and additional financial costs. And if the exercise equipment will be maintained correctly then the results will be no worse than after a visit to the gym.
  • The possibility of expanding the chest, which due to its stretching during lowering with the push-UPS.

Additional recommendations

To reverse push-UPS brought quick and noticeable result, it is perfectly accurate to observe their performance. In the event that you are doing at home, review existing techniques, and be sure to review the corresponding video. Experts strongly suggest for young athletes to follow the following guidelines for performing reverse push-UPS:

  • Try to expand the elbows closer to the body, putting his hands farther than shoulder width apart.
  • When lowering body breathe in through the nose, and when you return to your original position exhale through your mouth.
  • When you use additional weight to set it above the knee joint, in order to avoid excessive load on the articular cartilage.
  • Lifting the body up, use only the triceps. The use of accessory muscles can lead to serious traumatic injury!
  • For maximum effect, workouts use when performing reverse push-UPS weights in the weight category of 15 to 30 kg. However, remember that the use of additional loads is considered to be appropriate only with the full development of exercises.
  • To provide maximum load on the triceps should position the hands as close as possible to each other, and the legs — to straighten at the knees. This position provides maximum load on the triceps.
  • Try to avoid excessive dilution of the elbows, because it includes in the process of the latissimus dorsi muscle, easing the load on the triceps. Such a wrong position contributes to traumatic damage to the shoulder joints.
  • Exercises, observe the maximum full amplitude. When lowering down, try to reach the maximum stretch in your triceps and fully straighten your arms when you reach the top peak.

Push-UPS reverse grip is an effective exercise that allows you to quickly and accurately work out the muscle groups of the arms, and chest without a gym. To obtain the desired results, do not forget to check the video and follow the recommendations of the experts regarding technology push-UPS.