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How quickly pump up the biceps with push-UPS

Every man wants to look attractive, which means his muscles must be a relief for the body. It will have to spend more than one month of intense training, and to strengthen the result, sports exercise should be metered and the regular, otherwise all purchased deflate like a balloon. But there are a couple little secrets! Getting regular physical exercise, you should pay more attention to the pumping of the biceps is the first conspicuous muscle. So soon you will be able to enjoy the compliments of others. How to pump up this muscle? To load the biceps during workouts in the gym, and you can easily stress this muscle using push-UPS to biceps at home. So, today we will talk about how to build biceps with push-UPS.

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Advantages over other methods

Many will question, is it possible to really pump the biceps with push-UPS effectively. Some believe that the biceps is not involved in the process of push-UPS, and its function is flexion. It is not so, although exercises with dumbbells and pull UPS are much more effective as working one group of muscles, but push-UPS are a couple of advantages.

  1. Trying to pump up your biceps with push-UPS, you will keep in tone the entire body.
  2. Pushups at home for those who don't like unnecessary attacks on the street.
  3. To correctly perform the technique of push-UPS, you do not require additional tools and special conditions. All that is needed is a flat surface.

Procedure: the initial strut

It would seem that difficulties in push-UPS should not be. To exercise was really useful and effective for the biceps, there are a few nuances of their performance. Let us examine in detail the technique of performing push-UPS at home.

Push-UPS are held in the emphasis lying on his outstretched hands. To facilitate you can give the feet with support, holding them to the wall or large and stationary object. Head, glutes and tops of the heels should form a straight line. If you do not comply with this condition, pump up the biceps effectively impossible. Of the foot need to lead each other as close as possible. For example the option of throwing one foot to the other. Hands should be straightened out and put on shoulder width. It is important that the hands were not widely spaced, then the main burden will go on the chest muscles, and we're trying to pump up the biceps. Special attention should be paid to the position of the hands. When the palm rest needs to be deployed inside your fingertips so that the thumbs pointed to the chest. This is the mostwill increase the load on the biceps.

If you do the push-UPS were not engaged, it is better to prepare the body and some time to do the exercise "Plank" and palms should be placed as in the method of exercise. So your wrist and hand gradually get used to a particular emergency situation.

The technique is directly pressed

The line passing through the head, buttocks and heels must remain. It is important! Hands should be bent at the elbows – they will go to the sides while lowering the body. You can use another option, with your arms to the torso. Inhalation is done while bending the hands, exhale when extension. If push-UPS are complete, there is a chest you can touch the floor – you will get more to pump up the chest muscles. If, nevertheless, the emphasis on the biceps, do push-UPS need 2/3 of the height.

If you want to achieve even greater efficiency, the hands can take dumbbells and do push-UPS with them, periodically looking up from the floor, so the biceps will be able to perform their direct function – flexion.

To summarize the above:

  1. To pump up the biceps with push-UPS easily.
  2. Beginners should start the exercise with the strap.
  3. Don't forget to follow line of head – butt – heel.
  4. Correctly position the palm of your hand.
  5. Don't overdo it, build up the pace gradually.

Can I get injured?

Inept and improper execution of exercise technique is fraught with potential injury. As for push UPS on the bicep, because nesilevich the provisions of the palm there is a likelihood of damage to the ligaments of the wrist and hand. If you do without proper physical training, can stretch the muscles, often the chest. To protect yourself from any kind of injuries if the load increase gradually, given the physical training and individual properties of the organism. If doing push UPS uncomfortable, for more comfort, you can try to use a variety of tools for push-UPS at home.

The widespread belief that to pump up the biceps with push-UPS virtually impossible, is fraught with numerous contradictions. The knowledgeable bodybuilders experience shows that with proper methodical approach to push UPS biceps increasing in size and there is a pronounced relief of this muscle. Of course, much depends on the initial level of physical fitness, as well as the individual characteristics of the organism: someone will take a year, and someone after a month of regular exercise will feel transformed. To devote 10 minutes of your time daily in the home should every self-respecting man.