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Use and technique push-UPS on fists

Many men in the pursuit of a nice beefy body spend hours in the gym. The benefit, of course, on the face, especially if one is fulfilled the program on increasing a certain muscle or, as often happens, muscle groups. But not many people know that exercises at home using minimal equipment also work, especially if you have a system in your approach. Practicing regularly and thoroughly following the right technique of the exercises, you can achieve nice results.

Отжимания на кулаках

Push-UPS – most common exercises, there are many interpretations of this method of training, for example, instead of relying on the palm, you can use fists. The technique has several advantages. Today we will discuss which muscles can be transformed, using pushups on the fists from the floor. Also discuss what is the use of these push-UPS in comparison with classic push-UPS on my palms. Indicate which training program makes the most sense for the working muscles and to work the best.

It's time to do it

This kind of push-UPS is not easy and not for beginners. To in full and without injury to master them, need to be trained. So, push-UPS on the fists from the floor to start, if:

  1. Disbursed in full regular pushups on the palms.
  2. Program classic exercises push-UPS is not working as effectively as before.
  3. Began to engage in some strength sport.
  4. Want to reduce the sensitivity of the dorsum of the hand for forming the impact surface.
  5. Want to strengthen the ligaments and joints of the wrist and hand.
  6. Want to train the technique of a direct blow.

What are the main burden falls

Exercises on pushups on the fists from the floor is useful, primarily, for the load on the big and small pectoral muscles. Also, this program swaps two-headed and three-headed muscle of a shoulder, giving a distinctive tactile hands. Undoubted benefits there are for the muscles of the forearm and hand are also training the deltoid muscle. Unlike push-UPS on the palms, similar exercises on your fists strengthens the ligaments of the hand and wrist. This point must be taken into account so as pushups on the fists soon so will strengthen the ligaments of the wrist, remove the brush during the struggle will be difficult.

It is necessary to emphasize that the program of pushups on your knuckles from the floor will be useful only if the level of your physical condition easily allows you to perform a couple of dozen classic push-UPS. Otherwise, you can injure the ligament, and then you have to forget about exercise for a long time.


If the program push-UPS on fistshas become habitual – will complicate the execution of these exercises. What can I do for extra practice:

  1. Jump between push-UPS to change the group of a brush in a fist, just prop left hand. And you can alternate fist – fingers, fist – palm.
  2. To complicate the task and do push-UPS on one hand.
  3. Add claps and jumps starting with one and gradually increasing the number.
  4. To do push-UPS on an uneven surface, when the levels of the hands are not the same.
  5. To experiment with the breath to do some push-UPS in one breath, just keep breathing.
  6. Interesting and useful to periodically change the grip, making it wider, then more narrow. So will change the load on the muscles.

The difference compared with the classics of the genre

Unlike classical exercises:

  • Hands should be at shoulder level, and the classic hand push UPS in a rack positioned wider than shoulder width – maximum load is the chest muscles.
  • Burden by relying on his fists and concentrated on 2-3 or 4-5 fingers, and in the usual push-UPS is distributed evenly over their surface.
  • If pushups on your knuckles gets rough and suitable for strikes the outer surface of the brush.
  • The effect of the bump of muscles from workouts is faster, but keep in mind that the result depends not only on the frequency and intensity of training, but also on the quality of inherited muscle.

When performing these exercises, like any other, possible injuries and complications. Most often beginners to train to face with bruises, cracks in the skin of the hand. If you do the sloppy push-UPS or too much, you can damage the ligaments of the hand and wrist.

A regular exercise program consists of 10-15 pushups in 4-5 sets. Over time, it is necessary to increase the number of executions, it is useful to scatter the approaches during the day.

Push – UPS are effective exercises to tone and prominence of the chest muscles and arms. A variation of these exercises are pushups on the fists. It is especially useful for dealing with counter or just for street fighters. That gives the exercise described in the article. The result, of course, is not instant, it requires a systematic approach. Hardening of fighting spirit guaranteed.