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What muscles are worked during push-UPS from the floor: the types and methods of execution

During training it is important to understand what muscles are worked during push-UPS. This will help faster and better to pump up the right muscles.

What muscles are involved

The program push-UPS helps to work out almost all muscle fibers of the shoulder girdle. And thanks to the mobility of the shoulder joint is the ability to diversify actions to develop their strength and elasticity.

Conventionally muscular system of the breast can be divided into three sections — upper, middle and lower. In order to build upper chest muscles needed carefully chosen scheme, so as to make full use of them is not always possible. The same can be said about the work on the lower part. It is worth noting that with the bottom part will have some trouble. But a special program for the middle portion of the fibers is not necessary, as these muscles are actively working at any load. Let us consider what muscles shake during push-UPS. The process of squeezing due to the work of the following group of muscle fibers:

  • Large breast.

Located in the anterior surface of the chest. Their main function is to lead the hands. Pushups wide grip will help most effectively to pump up the chest muscles.

  • The triceps brachii.

The triceps forms the rear surface of the shoulder. Its function is extension of the elbow joint. The most active muscle work during push-UPS narrow grip.

  • Biceps muscles.

The bicep is located in front of the shoulder. In contrast to the triceps, this muscle performs flexion of the arms in the elbows and other parts are responsible for the rotational motion of the forearm.

  • Deltoid.

Reducing these muscle fibers take part in all kinds of motion in the shoulder joint. Pumped them, you can create an attractive smooth contour of the shoulder girdle.

  • Front gear.

They are located in the anterior surface of the ribs. In order to pump, you use standard push UPS on the fists.

In addition to the listed core group of muscles during push-UPS from the floor are utilized, and others. For example, to stabilize the body actively works the rectus abdominis. Also get a load gluteal muscles.

Scheme effective exercises

After it became clear what muscles are worked during push-UPS from the floor, you can pick up an individual training plan. The program should be directed to the formation of attractive relief corps, while taking into account the features of the Constitution.

Diagram of push-UPS involves the alternation of different muscles and gradually increase the load. Thus, it is possible to pumpdifferent groups. The most common program includes such basic exercises:

  • Pushups narrow grip.

Exercises narrow grip, you can quickly pump up the triceps brachii, upper trapezius, deltoid, front gear and the pectoral muscles. Pushups with a narrow focus, you can replace the bench press with a narrow grip. Similar efficiency has the programme of exercises on bars, since their implementation also use a narrow grip.

  • Pushups wide grip.

Exercise program wide grip provides the chest muscle fibers, it utilizes fiber lower portions, as well as shoulder, back and press. In the result, in addition to growth of muscle mass increasing their strength and endurance.

In addition to push-UPS there is a program of exercises from the parallel bars, a chair or bench. Also another option is to exercise with fists or with cotton.

Equipment pushups on your knuckles is no different from the usual exercises. When performing exercises on the fists, you can pump up the muscles of the shoulder girdle, chest, torso and pelvic region. It should be noted that exercises on the fists requires good physical preparation. However, the scheme with fists has a lot of positive effects. One of them is the strengthening of tendons and joints of the brush to prevent damage.

The program push-UPS effectively helps to pump up pectoral muscles, which provides an attractive relief of the body. You can perform approaches with a narrow, wide grip, and also more complex options with their fists and with cotton.