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The ways and peculiarities of technique for performing squats

Some of the exercises for male athletes are fundamental. A vivid example can be a squat with a barbell on your shoulders, as well as other types of squats. Some bodybuilders even joke that the athlete who ignores the "squat", not training at all. Such jokes among male athletes due to the fact that during this kind of exercise is loaded with a huge number of muscle groups, which increases the overall effectiveness of training. In our article we outline the technique of performing sit-UPS for men, will tell you about different types of squats, apparel, and sports equipment to the classroom and explain whether it is possible to do at home and what will benefit from training.

мужчина приседает со штангой

General guidelines

Some athletes believe squats using a barbell is the most useful. During the execution of work the quadriceps, adductor and deep hip muscles, abdominal muscles, quadriceps, gluteus Maximus. And this is an incomplete list.

Before we cover the technique of squats men, let's see, how best to prepare for the implementation of sit-UPS. Proper warm-up before the main block, according to experts, should include the following items:

  1. Warming up the knee joints and stretching the major muscle-tendon groups.
  2. Before the athlete is challenged to raise the temperature of the body, particularly the joints, and increase regional blood flow.
  3. Proper warm-up in men can include mnogoobraznye squats, but without weights weight bar. However, it can be on a different plan. Most importantly, the workout includes a set of sit-UPS, and joints of the lower extremities "remembered" the basic moves, and the deep leg muscles were ready for the subsequent load.

Some recommendations for the warm-up can be seen in the video submitted on the Internet. A separate unit are suggestive recommendations:

  • Mandatory when any squats with a barbell rack or power rack, even if you are at home.
  • The right shoes. In any case can not be engaged in Slippers, shoes with heels. Shoes you need to choose a steady and tight to the leg and with a hard sole.
  • Prevent injury under his feet you cannot put the bars back up, etc.
  • Sports clothing will help to avoid slipping of the Griffon.
  • Mnogoobraznye exercise is allowed only to professionals. Do not chase a lot of weight.

A gradual approach will bring the desired result, and failure to comply with techniques and forcing the situation can cause injury and frustration.

  1. Cross to light weight. Handsplaced on top of the fretboard pattern.
  2. Stanitski. Grif take the palms of hands, divorced at shoulder width with the elbows turned forward. Thus no voltage at the brushes should not be felt. The bar should stay on your shoulders!

In General, the technique of squats with the bar on the chest is similar to the above technique, when the stamp is lying on his back. Differences will be:

  1. A less pronounced tilting down during the squat.
  2. Weight during squats on the chest needs to be less than if you squat with a barbell on the back.
  • Squats with a barbell over your head. Came into bodybuilding from weightlifting. Squats with a barbell over your head forced to work in addition to standard muscle groups and even muscles of the shoulder girdle, including the deep muscles of the shoulder. Features squats, according to experts, are:
  1. The need for sufficient flexibility of the hip and shoulder and elbow joints.
  2. Mandatory mnogoobraznye techniques practicing with an empty Griffon, but not with the plastic stick.

The technique of squats with the bar over your head:

  1. The location of the neck on the front is identical to above described requirements.
  2. Grip the barbell wide.
  3. The stamp should be placed on the trapeze.
  4. Then the athlete steps back and immediately quickly enough to squeeze the barbell on straight arms.
  5. The head should be straight. Look up banned.
  6. Proper technique squats implies that the fretboard is a little more head.
  7. After a short fixation in the lower position the full squat position, immediately begin the climb to the original position.
  8. If you train at home, before carrying out squats, in addition to viewing training videos it is imperative to verify the correctness of their own techniques from the instructor at the gym.

It should be noted that if the knees hurt you regularly after your workouts, then something in the training process goes wrong. Perhaps you take too much weight or use improper technique. In any case if your knees hurt before training, during it, greater load on the joint is better not to give.

A bit of history

Fixed several world record among men for performing sit-UPS, including the post. The most amazing achievements:

  • G. Chase in eventing set a world record in the deadlift and the bench press with chest weight 1148 kg.
  • Paul Anderson torn from the racks shoulders the weight of 2844 kg, consisting of two safes with metal dollars inside.
  • World record Andrew Malinovich was 450 kg in the squat in bandages.

Unusual world records were set in squats without barbells. BrazilianEdmar Freitas for the day sat 111 thousand times, taking breaks only 5 minutes.

Currently, for professionals developed standards. Moreover, there are norms not only for men but also for boys. Exemplary standards:

  • For a candidate for the master of sports an athlete must score 665 kg in 3 exercises.

Slightly different standards in powerlifting in the NAP. For example, the standards for men:

  • Athlete with a weight of 100 kg should dial in the amount of 953 kg.

Standards NAP for women:

  • In powerlifting with a weight of 60 kg woman needs to gain 457 kg.

Some organizations allow doping, but prohibit the use of equipment, so standards may vary. More information can be found on specialized sites.

What can replace squats

In some situations, the athlete can't do squat with a barbell on the shoulders or chest. In this case, of course, will be a question: and what to replace squats with the bar over your head, etc.? Examples of when the athlete cannot perform the exercise, may be the following situation:

  1. If people can't exercise in the gym.
  2. At home there is no necessary equipment.
  3. Problems with knee joints.
  4. The condition does not allow squats.

For men analogues of squats can be the following exercises, use of which is not less important:

  • Deadlifts. According to the technique of performing is very reminiscent of squats, if you do craving a classic or "sumo" variant.
  • Squats with weights dumbbell on one foot.

Before exercise it is advisable to consider the following. Unfortunately, no single simulator is no substitute squats with the weights bar. Some recommend doing the leg press or engage in in the simulator Smith. However, any trainer, if it is engaged in regularly, can cause chronic knee injury due to the unnatural movement of the joints. The benefits of such lessons, of course, is but a further prognosis of health status musculoskeletal system worse than when you perform squats.