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Technique deadlift with dumbbells

Deadlifts with dumbbells is a popular exercise that comes in many training fitness program. Exercises with various sports devices and equipment (barbell, dumbbells, and others) are frequently used. In the classic version of the athletes performed the deadlift with a barbell. But recently a popular way with dumbbells. It should be noted that this is training the same muscle groups. And on the effectiveness of exercise is not worse than the classic deadlift. Consider more than useful deadlift and what muscles are involved. It is also useful to view some video.

Мужчина делает становую тягу с гантелями


During the execution of exercises to operate these muscles, like the gluteus Maximus muscles-the back extensors, quadriceps femoris, biceps forearms. To a lesser extent work the trapezius, the rhomboid muscles. The same muscle groups are trained during the implementation of the option on straight legs.

Regularly performing the deadlift with dumbbells, you can achieve good results. After all, exercise has a number of advantages. For example, the following:

  • trains the set of muscles;
  • the body looks more fit and created the sports relief;
  • dumbbells allow you to conveniently distribute the weight due to this is aligned with the center of gravity;
  • improves coordination;
  • the ability to easily vary the weight of the dumbbell, gradually increasing the exercise intensity;
  • symmetrical development of the muscles on the right and left;
  • the ability to execute at home;
  • suitable for beginners;
  • a more viable option for girls.

Several options

On technology performance there are several variants of the deadlift:

  1. Classic or bodybuilding.
  2. “Dead” or on straight legs.
  3. “Wearing this Elevator operator” with a broad statement of the feet.
  4. Using the “trap bar” (use the special received a rod with a diamond-shaped fretboard).

Technically the classic deadlift is slightly different from the version on straight legs. After all, when the power thrust is executed on straight legs, there is a big load on the gluteal muscles and hamstring. The latest version is better distributed weight, so you can position the dumbbells at the sides. As a consequence, the symmetric pumping of the muscles. So this variant is preferred by girls. Let us consider the main stages of the classical training:

  • The source position. You must stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart, dumbbells at the sides of the legs. Back straight, gaze forward.
  • On the inhale slowly bend legs in knee joints, guidingtorso down over the dumbbell. While sports equipment like slides on the surface of the thighs, arms straight. Don't forget about direct back.
  • Hold at the bottom for a few seconds.
  • Exhale gradually unbend your knees, moving to the starting position.

To understand how to do an exercise video.

Also technique is well demonstrated in the video.