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How to perform deadlift: description of different techniques (with video)

There are exercises which will focus on the formation of certain muscle groups. However, there are those in which involve plenty of muscles. A striking example of such exercises is the deadlift.

Мужчина делает упражнение


Online video and in the specialized literature presents not one technique deadlift. The most popular, of course, is a classic. Not to say that this is the correct technique, but the classic is the most popular among men engaged in bodybuilding. Technique:

  • Put the legs in parallel spaced feet hip-width apart.
  • A little squat and tackling the Griffon.
  • While lifting the neck should be parallel to the legs.
  • The torso should be tilted forward, but the back needs to leave the direct. The chest comes with a wheel, and lower back flattened.
  • Pull the bar up you need the power of the feet.
  • If during the execution of the deadlift hands face knees, the technique is not quite right. For freedom of movement hands case should forward.
  • The exercise is performed without jerks. The weight is adjustable on the basis of the fitness of the person. Do not just try to lift a lot of weight.

For once you can make up to 15 exercises. The first couple of months of the best training technique carefully watching what muscles are working. Then take a heavier weight. The basic steps of the classic deadlift, you can see in the video.


The technique of the various options may differ significantly. We have selected the most popular techniques are:

  • Deadlift on straight legs. In spite of the mention in the title that the deadlift is performed on straight legs, feet up to the last moment remain slightly bent at the knees. The angle is maintained until the Griffon will not rise above mid-thigh. During the final movement-the deadlift on straight legs, lower limbs straightened.

Professionals warn that the technique should be exactly like this. Neither of which the straightening of the lower limbs in the lower and middle part of the movement. This may cause injury. Movement during the deadlift on straight legs should begin from the head. During execution it is better to look ahead but not down. The rest of the technique of traction on the straight legs is no different from the standard classic thrust, as you can see by looking at videos on the Internet.

Any technique there is a video on the Internet. Howeverno one better than a personal trainer will not teach the technique of the deadlift.


No matter which version of the deadlift for men you choose. Importantly, to comply with the proposed technique. There are some General principles:

  • Back in any case should not be rounded. Failure to do so could lead to a sharp increase in the risk of trauma.
  • The use of a weightlifting belt to stabilize the lower back and protect it from injury. Professionals warn that weightlifting belts protect the abdominal muscles, not the spine.
  • In the initial stages of training prohibited raznocvet. Of course, it increases the load and allows you to work different muscle groups, but also increases the risk of injury. Reviews professional athletes indicate that the proper technique involves changing the brushes turn at each approach.
  • Once again to perform a deadlift is possible only at complete recovery after the previous one. On average, full recovery takes at least 10 days.

Be sure to remember to proceed to the basic exercises, which include any kind of deadlift, after an easy warm up, affecting various muscle groups.

The traditional error

We found a traditional error, which relate primarily to novice athletes:

  1. Insufficient warm up the muscle groups before the main (basic) training.
  2. The rounded back. For the initial correction of this error is necessary to validate the technique, but theoretically if you understand everything correctly, you should think whether you selected the weight of dumbbells or barbells pancakes.
  3. Excessive abduction of the pelvis. This will lead to redistribution of the load on the shoulder girdle.
  4. Excessive forward tilt. At the waist creates unnecessary hyperextension musculo-ligamentous apparatus.

The optimal weight for the initial execution deadlift in men is 10 kg.

Professional advice

In the network we found the advice of professional bodybuilders. In General, they have a lot in common. We have identified the most significant:

  • Do not exercise if you have back problems. Before you start to load the muscles, it is better to consult a doctor.
  • To avoid slipping, hands in front of approaches should be treated with chalk or magnesia.
  • Be sure to put on the barbell locks to prevent slipping of pancakes on the fretboard.
  • Proper technique prevents twist of the head during exercise.
  • Important smooth and measured movements. Throwing a rod is prohibited.
  • Boosting or doing a negative repetition is not recommended.
  • Follow the numbersblood pressure. Exercise can provoke emission of large quantities of hormones in the blood. Plus, during the run the athlete is faced with serious physical activity, especially if we are talking about professionals. All this leads to increase in pressure. Watch out for their own health!

Remember that no beautiful body is not spoiled health. Follow the technique of the deadlift, listen to the advice of professionals, watch instructional videos and read thematic literature. All this will allow not only to form the perfect landscape, but also to maintain health.