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Review of home exercise equipment, developing the maximum amount of muscle

Every modern man wants to have a good figure, but not everyone has the opportunity to go to gyms to develop a maximum amount of muscle. In this case, come to the aid of home exercise equipment, with which you can perform various pull-UPS, push-UPS, lifting.

Their advantage is that they are convenient to use, they save time (you do, when you want it), save money (you spend money once, and the gyms have to buy monthly passes). If enough exposure to practice regularly, you can develop the maximum amount of muscle without leaving the house.

What is the use

Classes at multistate very useful because it involves all the body in motion, develop the greatest number of muscles. Such simulators help:

  • pull the figure, reduce body fat;
  • increase endurance;
  • to strengthen the blood vessels, heart;
  • to stabilize the nervous system;
  • to improve flexibility of the ligaments of the joints;
  • to purify the body, improving blood flow and breathing;
  • to reduce the risk of various diseases (arthritis, heart attack, venous insufficiency);
  • to withdraw excess water and salts from the body;
  • to improve overall health.

What are they

Home exercise equipment can be of two types — focused, i.e. to commit only one set of exercises (pull-UPS of hands, pulling of legs, pumping press), and modular complexes (multistyle) on which to perform the different movements from various positions and to reach a maximum number of muscles.

To narrow the equipment includes machines that simulate skiing, rowing machines, Steppers with levers for lifting hands. There are still ellipsoids, combining the functions of a stepper and a treadmill. Great for development of the maximum number of muscles of the body rider. It simulates horse riding, therefore such models are called "riders".

Design home multistyle includes several types of exercise equipment: desks for biceps, chin-up bars for pull-UPS, horizontal and inclined benches, exercise bikes, weights for legs and arms. Multistyle allow to alternate different exercises, pumping, individually, all the muscle groups.

Simple and complex systems

Prices and equipment on simulators vary — there are a homemade setup similar to the professional equipment in the gym (of course, they are quite expensive), and there are cheaper portable models, not occupying much space at home and simple to use.


There are some simple home exercise equipment that allows you to perform different exercises(pull-UPS, push-UPS, lifting weights) and thereby developing the maximum number of muscles. Their advantage is that they are inexpensive and usually do not occupy much space in the apartment.

Lightweight systems for the home consist of a series of bars, beams and benches. The most classic example of this complex — a well-known Swedish wall. They are very reliable in use, effective for developing strength and muscle mass, and also quite affordable. They can perform pull-UPS, climbs, to perform exercises for the abdominals. To increase load you can use weights on hands and feet.

To the common equipment also includes so-called mini-articles for physical exercise. They are suitable for those who seek to develop the maximum number of muscles, but in whose house little space even for systems like the wall. The mini-simulators:

  • Trainer of Ableiter — allows you to perform the exercises according to the principle of stringing a crossbow. In the first place is pumping the press, but also include arms, shoulders, back.
  • Exercise ball — a large ball on which you can perform various exercises for pumping presses, push-UPS. Trains balance.
  • Roller, torso track, it runs a smooth transition from a kneeling posture in the posture strap. Pumped almost all muscle groups.

From complex

If you have the money and the space in the house, it is best to buy sophisticated simulator, which has a greater load on different muscle groups.

These devices come in several forms:

  • With built-in goods.

Such simulators are called power stations. Atagtitle serve built-in blade loads, which are placed on the axes of the rack and can move vertically. Weight is controlled through the installation of the retainer in a special hole. Exercise equipment with built-in scales are easier to use and allow better control of the load. In addition, they are considered more secure than the machines with interchangeable weights, as the weights are not separated from the stand and will not be able to harm humans, as is the case in the fall barbells or dumbbells on the leg or arm.

  • With interchangeable weights.

In such machines the goods represented by individual weights, dumbbells, barbells with pancakes. Loads not attached to the installation, so they can buy more and change to heavier or lighter. Such installations are in addition to the study of groups of muscles still coaching the equilibrium, as during exercise, it is necessary to monitor the position of the projectile.

The simplest version of the simulator with the free (changeable) weights — bench with static or adjustable angle, and a pair of dumbbells. Even sucha simple kit allows you to pump the abdominal muscles, lower and upper extremities.

  • Without the weighting.

During training the load is created from the weight of the person without any additional weights, so with their help, the pumping muscle is slower, but they are suitable for strength exercises and cardio training.

There are a large number of such installations — riders, rowing machines, ellipsoids, etc. worth buying people who are just starting to pump your muscles (they allow you to perform exercises with minimal load, gradually increasing it). Besides they are much cheaper than power stations (for comparison: the power plant is 25 000 rubles and the rider or stepper can be purchased for 3000 RUB.).

How to choose the best set

Consider how best to choose home exercise equipment:

  1. Choose a trainer for the home, given the characteristics of your cottage or apartment: the dimensions should allow to put the installation, so it does not interfere with you and your household.
  2. Make sure the trainer wasn't making noise (characterized by high attenuation and lots of noise abatement devices in the design). This is especially important if you live on the first floor, or the sound of falling cargo will not interfere with your housemates.
  3. Think in advance which groups of muscles you want to build, and given their wishes to choose a trainer.
  4. Pre-test equipment in the gym, try to use them under the supervision of an instructor to understand the rules perform pull-UPS, push-UPS, lifting.
  5. Buy in a reliable store that provides a guarantee on the equipment. Make sure that the parts are fixed firmly, as the failure of a simulator can lead to injury.

The main drawback of training on a strength training home is not in the equipment but in the people. Not enough to put the installation — it is necessary to regularly and the full force of it to do. Your muscles a couple of times a week for 10 times, it is impossible to achieve a good result. To develop the maximum amount of muscle possible only with increased self-organization with the development of a clear training program. With this approach muscle, you can pump up even the push-UPS and pull-UPS, but with a good trainer to achieve your goals much faster.