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Manual exercise for abs plank (how to do)

In the world of sports exercise "plank" – a classic of the genre. It is versatile, efficient (effective, for example, push-UPS) and simple (to do not require any devices, besides, it can make men with any physical training).



Some reviewers sports fans note that "bar" is much more effective than crunches, push-UPS and work with free weights. But to improve the body only when the correct performing exercises. Simple clarification, but, in practice, men often don't know the basic rules of "bar". After seeing a glimpse of a photo or video showing the execution of the poses, a man is still doing it wrong, the effect is not achieve and begin writing reviews that exercise an unfit.

Let's see how to do this is a static exercise, and consider more complex options for the more abs and other muscles of the body men.

Exercise "Planck" based on the fact that the body must be kept perfectly straight. Problem is, seeing yourself from the outside, we can assume that keep your back straight and actually bend the hook.

That's why before the "fall" in "bar", they want you to recall back what is aligned position, to memorize the sensations in the muscles, and to reproduce them when you perform a "plank". To make alignment simple:

  1. Go to the wall, rest in her heels, buttocks, shoulder blades and neck.
  2. Pull the shoulders down and pull your pelvis slightly forward so that the tailbone "looking" straight down. Tighten your abdominal muscles and buttocks.
  3. Between the wall and the lower back should have a natural camber to the factory hand. If the distance to walls more trim position.
  4. Fix this position for 10 breaths, step away from the wall, maintaining the pose. Remember the feeling – it feels so the body with straight back.

Basic posture and essential tips

Now is the time to learn the correct execution of "bar". Lie down on your stomach, leaning into the floor with your hands (a posture of preparation for push-UPS, forearms are on the floor.

The next step up in "bar", raising the body, resting on forearm and feet. Make sure the back was smooth (as in preparing), and the elbows are just above shoulder joints, as shown in the photo.

Task when performing a "bar" other than dynamic exercises like the swing press or trimani, you should stand up to the "bar" and fix the body in a static position as long as possible. This should stretch the whole body (thighs, buttocks, body, shoulder blades together, lower the neck,to look right).

Here are a few tips that will allow you to perform the correct "level" and to achieve the best result:

  1. Foot: do not place widely, it is best to keep as close as possible to each other. Far divorced feet make a comfortable position, but muscle tension is reduced.
  2. Foot: do not bend the knees. If the legs don't straighten and not to strain, immediately formed a bend in the back and reduces the load on the press.
  3. Buttocks: a constant voltage. This increases static electricity bark and affects the correct posture.
  4. Lower back not to round. It should be exactly in the same position as in the preparatory exercise at the wall.
  5. Belly: not to stick out, and to pull up to the ribs.
  6. Shoulders: do not pull up to the ears, down and back. The blades should not seek to reduce, otherwise the hands go to the sides. The angle at the elbow should be straight.
  7. Neck: strictly straight. Do not drop, do not put your head back. Severe tension in the neck should not be, and completely relax the muscles of the neck impossible. Eyes should be directed straight to the floor.
  8. Breathing: to do smooth inhalations and exhalations throughout the exercise. Breathe better belly, with each inhale and exhale actively engage the abdominal muscles.

How these rules work together, you can look at a photo or video on correct performance of the exercise.

What is pumped at run time

The genius of the "strap" that during static standing in one position is pumping almost all of the muscles – look at the photo, as during exercise, tense the whole body. Or read the diagram that shows the muscles working during the exercise.

How much time to do the "plank" to get the desired effect? You should start with ten breaths. Each time should increase the time until it reaches 1-2 minutes. To do "the bar" is recommended three to four times a day. A month later, when standing in "the limit" will be familiar to the body, it is possible to complicate the exercise – to add to the base position modified versions that enhance the pumping of specific muscles.

From simple to complex

There are several complicated variations of "bar", recommended after mastering the basic rack.

  1. Strap on outstretched arms. The initial position, as in push-UPS from the floor with straight arms. Load mostly goes to them. To complicate the position, you can put your feet together to reduce the footprint. After this "strap" is recommended to make a series of regular push-UPS, so it is better to pump hands.
  2. "Bar" with the outstretched leg. Posture of the basic "plank" on the forearms it is necessary to raise the leg to fix the position, thento change the leg. In this position the abdominal muscles and Cora get the big load. The main thing is to ensure that in the performance exercises are not shifted to the shoulders and hip joints.
  3. "Bar" with a raised hand. A rather complicated version of the "plank", as the support will be only on the legs and one hand, his other hand will have to pull over your head. A big load gets the front part of the bark and press.
  4. The side "bar". Need to lean on one forearm, turn the body to the side. Free hand to put on the belt or lift up. Lean on both feet, put together or on one foot, to complicate the position. View photos or videos on how to properly perform the side stand.


  5. Shifted to the "bar". Is the same as the "base plate", only the forearm should move slightly forward so that the elbows were approximately the line of the nose. In such a shifted "bracket" the more you work the oblique abdominal muscles and abdominal muscles of men. How to perform the exercises, you can see in the photo.

Be sure to include "bar" in its exercise, try sophisticated options. Only a couple of minutes every day and you get the load on the muscles, are no less effective than the AB crunches or push-UPS.