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Examples of exercises Kegel for men video (with reviews)

Long been known about the benefits of regular physical exercise. After noticed their General revitalizing and restorative action. Are no exception, and Kegel exercises for men, which have recently become more popular due to its ease of implementation and large number of positive reviews.

Before we consider the essence of this set of exercises for men, a little delve into the history of its origin. It is easy to guess that he first developed the lessons a doctor named Kegel. However, it is interesting that the doctor specialized in gynecology. The original purpose of the kegels was the restoration of the female body in the postpartum period by increasing the muscle tone of the pelvic floor. Later numerous studies have shown their usefulness for men. And here, slightly modified women's complex, became known as Kegel exercises for men, which is now successfully applied at home.

The use and therapeutic effect

So, what is so useful such lessons for men? The answer to this question will be obvious after understanding what changes will occur in the body under the influence of stress, proposed by Kegel. The two most fundamental and important changes are outlined below:

  • Improving blood circulation.

As with any exercise, if you do Kegel exercises, the increased blood flow. In this case, the activity is supplied the pelvis, including increased blood flow in the tissues of the prostate and the external genitals.

  • The increase in muscle tone.

With regular exercise it is easy to notice how it changes the terrain of our body, increases the contour of the muscles, increases endurance. The same changes occur when the pelvic floor muscles are actively involved, performing a set of exercises for men. In addition it should be noted that orgasm is not that other, as muscle contraction. Accordingly, the better the tone of intimate muscles, the more long-lasting and powerful impressions you can get, and the reviews of men confirm this. The image clearly shows changes before (top) and after exercise.

Based on the above, we get a few positive effects upon performance of exercises Kegel for men. Written applies not only to a significant improvement in sexual activity, but also General improvement. The main effects are:

  1. The increase libido.
  2. Improved erection (as a result of increased circulation).
  3. Improving the quality of the sex (the reviews indicate a more vivid and long-lasting orgasm).
  4. Elimination of premature ejaculation (ifregularly doing exercises for men at home, you can learn to control the contraction and relaxation of certain muscles, respectively, it is possible to regulate the duration of sexual intercourse).

Do not forget about the healing effect and its effect on the male body. Numerous studies and reviews prove the beneficial effects of Kegel exercises for the prostate, as you know, it is called the second heart of a man. Because every representative of the stronger sex should take care of this small but such an important gland. Accordingly, prevention of diseases of the prostate plays a very important role.

As a result of lessons Kegel eliminates congestion in the pelvic organs. This primarily relates to the prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids and inflammation of the prostate. Also known positive results for incontinence, after some other illness. And another plus: Kegel exercises are easy to do at home, doing their usual business. That is, do not need any financial costs and additional time.


The effectiveness of the method is confirmed by numerous testimonials from satisfied men and women, however, before to begin training of intimate muscles for the Kegel, it is necessary to exclude the presence of contraindications:

  1. Purulent-inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs, including prostate disease. After all, during high physical activity can aggravate the disease.
  2. Recently moved surgery removal of prostate or other surgery on the pelvic organs. However, at the end of the rehabilitation period after removal of the gland can go back to gymnastics for men.
  3. Tumor and thrombotic complications specified locale.


If after reading the above you have no doubt about the need to perform these Kegel exercises, then proceed to the practical part. A great help for understanding gymnastics Kegel will be the video lessons in which illustrates how to perform complex. Besides after watching the video usually increases motivation.

Photos and illustrations will help you to do exercises for men. Consider the main points that you need to know in order to exercise the right muscles.

  • Look and feel of the pubic-coccygeal muscle.

Her tone would be responsible for all of the above positive effects. Probably, search of the coveted muscle will be not as easy as it seems. Again, photos and videos with a detailed description of anatomical structures can facilitate the search.However, the easiest way is to try to stop the stream while urinating (in the process and will be involved need muscle). Besides using this method to really determine the condition of the pubic-coccygeal muscle, the degree of fitness, that is, the simpler you perform this exercise, the higher is its tone.

  • Periodically contract and relax the intimate muscles.

Repeat several times morning and evening (can be 3 times a day). You can start with 10-15 times, then gradually increase the number to 5. Don't try to beat the record for number of approaches, because it can lead to fatigue of the muscular system. The result is short-term erectile dysfunction will be provided. First intimate gymnastics Kegel can seem like a difficult task, but do not deviate from your goal, show persistence, force muscles to work, for exercise in the tutorials. Here the important following points:

  1. If you do become easy, then start to modify exercises for men ‒ you can do the delay at the peak of muscle contraction, then slowly relax, alternate long and short cuts etc.
  2. During urination make a moment's pause.

Gradually let your "skills" until the complete disappearance of the jet, no leaks. Repeat for 7 times for urination. Please note that during the execution of intimate gymnastics for men abdominal muscles, hips and buttocks should be relaxed, tense only the muscles of the pelvic floor.

Don't forget that it is important to do Kegel exercises for men systematically with a gradual increase in intensity and duration of training. And then the result will not keep itself waiting. Only after a couple months of training you will be surprised at the changes.




I stumbled on the Internet on Kegel exercises, interested. Began to perform — for the past month practicing. Subjectively there is a positive result, although engaged regularly, will see what happens.


In recent times the problem of premature ejaculation joined by erection problems, conflicts with wife, and depression. On the advice of a friend decided to try the technique Kegel. I used to treat everything responsibly and in any case to complete. So to my problem I came seriously, and began regular practice of the Kegel. First impressions ‒ not quite understand the feeling, did not feel the same muscle. I started with once a day for 10 simani, then gradually increased the load, and now calmly turns30 in the morning, afternoon and evening. But it is not important, the important thing is that it really works. The sexual act was indeed longer, the wife is happy, even some new feelings during sex, well, it's psychological. In short, continue to pump muscle. And all the advice.


Gymnastics Kegel learned from his wife. She is actively involved in this after birth, used some special training balls. In General, the result is there and everyone is happy. And then found out that there is a technique for men, of course, surprised, but given the positive feedback, will definitely try it.


I was previously diagnosed with prostatitis, and was treated probably tried everything. And tablets, and traditional medicine ... nothing helped or the effect was not long lasting. And then another doctor advised to do these exercises, he said, the outflow and inflow of blood will be restored and everything will be fine. He did not believe that would help but decided to try, anyway well any cost is not necessary. And the result surprised not only me, but even doctors. Continue to do and so far no health problems there. So don't be afraid to try.