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An overview of the most effective exercises for abs at home

Good news for all: a beautiful pack abs is for everyone, just they are hidden under a certain number of belly fat. If washboard abs is your goal, then it's time to the gym, but failing regular classes can to perform daily exercises for abs at home.

Пресс у мужчины

A list of viable options

Where to start classes for men at home? With video and photos, and read reviews to them. If there is no instructor to understand the basics of pumping the press will have your own at home, fortunately, to do this would be easy, the best simple exercises included in the complex pumping muscle of the abdomen, provided on the Internet in large volume.

Most of the "home of athletes" aims as quickly as possible to build up the abdominal muscles and make them three-dimensional. For this there is a special complex of exercises with lowering the legs when lying down or lift them in the air.

An important point to consider, carrying out a complex of exercises for the abs at home – proper diet. It is not necessary to starve yourself hoping to lose inches around the waist, metabolic disorders can trigger swelling, and "athlete" will simply "swell with hunger" in the truest sense of the word.

Beautiful and press relief can be completely achieved in the home, if you combine the effective, but simple exercise with repetitions of "increasing" and special individual diet. Mastered the photos and the video program to the press will have a unique opportunity to involve not only the abdominal muscles, but also many areas of the body.

The following set will help men achieve the desired relief of stomach at home:

  • The "crunch".

The program flow of the press without this exercise impossible. To perform a "Crunch", you need to lie on your back, hands placed behind his head. The lumbosacral spine should be tightly pressed to the floor is essential. Legs bent at the knees. On the exhale climb, shoulder Department off the floor, forming an angle of 20 degrees. Inhale: return to I. p., it is Important to keep the elbows divorced in hand, his chin lowered on his chest. Only works the muscle groups of the abdomen.

The program for the formation of a pack abs stomach provides several exercises that involve the legs. Best before blindly performing these exercises to view the pictures and videos to details to provide the full range of movements to improve the press of men and the formation of treasured dice.

Exercise is essential for study of the lateral muscles of the trunk on each side. Lying on your side, legs bent, left hand onfloor, and right behind his head. Lift your pelvis, leaning on his forearm, the trunk when it is drawn in one line. To change the position and perform the same exercise with a support on his right forearm.

The program of strengthening and flow of abdominal muscles at home is considered to be carried out with maximum efficiency, if when performing exercises in the muscles can be felt a slight burning sensation. If you workout at home passed without such feelings – the exercise was performed incorrectly and should go back to the early viewing photos and recommendations once again to learn the important points in the exercises for the press.

The entire program is the development of abdominal muscles for men is not the same. All effective exercises should be changed periodically since the abdominal muscles quickly adapt to the same movements and the effect is negated. You should not dwell on "easy" exercises, and periodically review, photos and videos on the Internet, where the most preferred in the home of the movement to strengthen the press and the formation of treasured dice.

Basic principles

Starting to master the exercises for the formation of a steel press at home, do not forget about the basic principles that help effectively to achieve results and to avoid injuries and sprains.

The following points will help you better insight into the exercises for the abs:

  1. Unimportant weight category men and the presence of fat on your stomach, they exercise the same, only faster lean will see the result. Therefore, before proceeding to the exercises, it is desirable to minimize body fat.
  2. If you have a bulky "beer belly", about exercises for abs you can forget until then, until the passion for beer will not be eliminated and is not serviced by proper nutrition. Initially you need to lose weight, as in similar situations on proper technique (straight or lateral) and the formation of the necessary range of motion to speak of.
  3. Sometimes the effect of exercise is minimal, perhaps because all loads are performed incorrectly. It is not necessary to lash out at exercise, number of sets should increase gradually.
  4. The program flow of the abdominal muscles at home involves proper breathing. Most beginners try to hold your breath in a moment of stress, this is wrong – need to exhale, while relaxing breath in. This allows you to achieve results faster and helps the body to function correctly.

So what exercises will help to quickly pump up the press, and which program of training at home would be optimal? Everything is strictly individual and depends on many parameters, including the waist of a man, hisGeneral physical preparation and patience. The latter point is especially important, if a man's starting your own at home. Exercises cannot be done from case to case, only a daily workout will help you to achieve results and get the much coveted press cubes.