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The most effective exercises for lower press men (how to pump the muscles)

Now among men it is fashionable to be healthy and have a beautiful body. However, external attractiveness and smartness cannot be obtained without abs. Many men in the attempt pumping of the lower press face the fact that not achieving the desired results, then get discouraged and drop classes. In this article we will tell you what are effective exercises for lower abs, we describe a workout is preferable for men, as well as open a secret, what else must be done to achieve the "cubes".

нижний пресс у мужчин

A little anatomy

To begin with, that will understand, what is lower abs and "cubes". Conventionally, the press is anatomically divided into 3 areas:

  1. Top.
  2. Side.
  3. Lower.

To pump the first two is relatively easy, but the lower abs is difficult adjustment. In this part of the abdomen a layer of subcutaneous fat deposited on top of the muscles most actively. So ordered nature, and nothing to do about it.

Lower abs is a continuation of the straight muscles of the abdomen. Many in the attempt to achieve a dice trying to act only on those muscles that will be wrong. During the training we should not forget transverse, oblique muscles. Only the correct technique of exercises on different muscle groups in combination with other factors, as we describe below, will lead to the desired results.

General rules

The first step is to focus on the major points, compliance with which will increase the efficiency of pumping the lower press, which is the muscle located in the lower part of the abdomen. By the way, these tips will be relevant for those who want to adjust the top of the press, and they are the same as for men and for girls. The rules are simple:

  • Proper diet. Limit in the diet of easily digestible carbohydrates, but the complex must be at least 65 % of the diet. Under the complex carbohydrates we understand wholemeal bread, vegetables, legumes, cereals. Almost all of the remaining percent of diet it will take to proteins. You can eat low-fat poultry, veal, rabbit. And very small percentage is given to vegetable fats. Power mode: at least 5 p/day, but small portions.
  • Balanced receiving fluid. Professionals suggest to drink at least 2 liters of clean water.
  • A complete rejection of alcoholic beverages and tobacco. Often the item leads man to anger, and he decides to skip its execution. However, professionals advise not to ignore such demands, because this recommendation would allow a man to come into shape.
  • Daily workout. Exercises for abdominal muscles should be performed daily and engage not less than15 minutes. And no matter the training complex for what muscle groups you will conduct the press — direct, cross or you want to tighten the top or bottom of the press, the rule of consistency of training is uniform for all complexes.
  • During pumping do not try to do as many approaches, making it at the expense of quality. Pumping the bottom of the press is carried out without jerks, but the movement should be performed clearly and thoughtfully.
  • For men be sure to combine pumping with a cardio workout to harmony loads.
  • It is better to do in the morning before the first meal.
  • During exercise on the upper or lower abs is important to breathe correctly. Teach breathing techniques will help an instructor, but if you want to see photos or video of the process flow on the Internet. And if the photo does not give a full idea of the technique, in the video, if it was taken by a professional, clearly shows that the exhalation coincides with the moment of maximum contraction of the muscles of the abdomen, while breath is done in a moment of relaxation.

Nothing complicated, as you can see, exercise is not. With such pumping power to handle any motivated man.

When the load is contraindicated

It would seem, what could be better than training and a desire to bring your body in shape. But, unfortunately, in some situations men have to be careful not hurt. High loads are contraindicated in:

  1. Serious diseases of the cardiovascular system: hypertension, congestive heart failure, arrhythmias.
  2. Pathology of the anterior abdominal wall in men, including hernias.
  3. Some diseases of the spine.
  4. Prolapse of the pelvic organs.

Following the simple instructions given above, and conducting the full exercise of the muscles of the lower abdomen, any man can quickly achieve success. The main thing – the regularity, common sense and consistency! Do not try to make "bricks" for a couple of weeks. Pumped abdominal muscles that show on the cover of magazines about bodybuilding and healthy lifestyles of professional athletes, the result of hard and serious work. Often training needs to continue for at least a year, but you will agree that the result is worth it.