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The complex of exercises for morning exercises for men

Among these important components of good morning like a Cup of coffee, a cold shower, light Breakfast and a good mood, we forget about the morning gymnastics. And this is the factor that allows us for the whole day to feel active and charged with energy to work productively and not feel overwhelming tiredness in the evening. Especially underestimate the importance of morning exercise men. They believe that their element is an athletic gym and lifting weights, but some do forget about physical exercise. It morning exercise for men helps to feel in good shape and even is a great way of losing weight. In this article we will share a video which shows the complex of morning exercises for men, will talk about which exercises are best to include in your morning exercises to improve the life and successful weight loss.

The main rules

Before viewing the video to get acquainted with the exercises for men, their learning, you should learn about the rules, make your exercises as efficient as possible for the body:

  • To eat and drink until charging is impossible. Rinse your mouth if there is a sense of thirst.
  • If you can not Wake up, wash your face with cold water. This will help to cheer up and find the strength to start gymnastics.
  • It is best to exercise in the fresh air. If this is not possible, open the window in the room.
  • Choose the right clothes. The fabric should allow the body to breathe and not restrict movement.
  • Start complex with easy exercises for small muscle groups: brush, elbow joints, muscles of the neck.
  • Pay due attention to the breath. Don't let him stray. Breathe through the nose.
  • Do not make workout to workout. Time after waking up – not the best for hard exercise. Limit light activating exercises.


For the effectiveness of morning exercise should develop a training complex, given the physical training. Immediately proceeding to the main exercise desirable. You need to prepare the body to charge and finally awaken. Carefully stretch, make sure it is ready to charge.

Complete the following complex:

  • Rotation of the neck. Do rotational circular motion to start in one direction and then in another.
  • The rotation of the hands. Squeeze hands in a fist and rotate them clockwise, then against. You can also perform this action, hands clasped together.
  • The rotation of the shoulder joints. Bend your arms in elbows and put them on the shoulders. Do rotation without lifting your fingers off shoulders.
  • The rotation of the pelvis. Put hands on hips and feet shoulder width apart. Do circular rotation clockwise andagainst her.
  • Of torso in different directions. Feet are shoulder width apart and hands on waist. Make the tilting movement in one direction, then the other, holding the hand above the head.

If you want to awaken the body and gain vitality, then these actions can be enough. However, to improve the physical condition for weight loss is to continue workout for men more serious exercises, an example of which can be seen on the video.

The main part

Suitable for morning exercises are the following exercises:

  • Squats. When performing squats feet should be off the floor and back bend. Do the exercise at a slow pace. The optimum number of sit-UPS for morning exercises – 20-30.
  • Pushups. For best results and weight loss it is recommended to do at least 20 push-UPS. Back and legs at the same time constitute a line.
  • The elevation of the trunk. Exercise the press, which is important for a beautiful male body. Fix the feet, lie back and perform repeatedly lift torso, keeping the head arms bent at the elbows.

It is good to do exercises with dumbbells. They will help when running morning exercises. If you are not physically prepared or have not practiced, you should start with mild and small dumbbells. With dumbbells you can strengthen the different muscle complex groups. For example, do lunges on each leg alternately, spreading at the same weighted hand weights in different directions. So you will be forced to work the back muscles, legs and arms.

Can also do Mahi hands with dumbbells, start with one hand behind his back and the other lifting above the head. Just make sure that the dumbbell does not slip out of hands. When working with dumbbells will develop the muscles of the shoulder girdle, legs, stomach and back.

A great conclusion to the morning exercises with dumbbells for men will be the adoption of a contrast shower, which raises immunity, improves blood circulation and even beneficial for weight loss. The principle of contrast shower is a sudden change in temperature from hot to cold. It is very important after this procedure, a good RUB oneself with a towel.

Complex morning exercises will not take much time, but it will help to strengthen the body, raise immunity, prolong youth, it is also a good way to lose weight that occurs due to an increase in metabolism. You can download a video which shows an example of a warm-up. Forget about laziness, make an energetic playlist and start each morning with a run a vigorous morning workout!