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How quickly and for how much time is inflated to press cubes

On the question of how much you can pump up the press, difficult to answer unequivocally. Quickly do not succeed. Especially if there is no good physical preparation and had not had such training. You should not believe in myths and promises that you can quickly pump up the press cubes in just a few days or a week. Only a few months of regular training will achieve the desired result, including the appearance of six-pack abs.

накаченный пресс

Lightning will not work

Try to understand that is an obstacle to the appearance of the cubes and why, even after a couple of months someone can boast of ideal forms, and someone did not manage to achieve the desired result. It is important to understand that abdominal exercises do not contribute to the combustion of belly fat. Not only is it important to do special exercises for certain muscle groups, but do not forget about fat burning exercise, cardio, proper nutrition. Otherwise the abs will not work.

Remember, fat can't burn in a specific area of the body. If he leaves, it occurs evenly throughout the body. For burning excess adipose tissue is well suited run. Without these conditions, it turns out that abdominal muscles are working well, but the terrain remains invisible under a layer of fat.

On the growth of muscle mass influence certain anabolic hormones. But no need to flee to buy synthetic hormones. In the body during exercise, during exercise, stimulation of their generation. Again, one exercise to make the necessary biologically active substances will not be enough. The best would be selected complex physical activities. In fact, for this reason, simple sit-UPS are ineffective.

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