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What you need to know about the treatment of urethritis in men, the drugs and regimens

When a person is interested in information how the treatment of urethritis in men, it is unlikely that he will once again want to re-read about the symptoms and manifestations of the disease. Any man who was diagnosed with urethritis", primarily want to get rid of this trouble and eliminate unpleasant symptoms, and then he's going to wonder where it came from and what to do to prevent recurrence. So now take a closer look at the scheme of treatment of urethritis, drugs used in the therapy, and then talk about prevention.

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How is inflammation treated?

First and foremost, before you start treatment and prescribe drugs, the doctor will examine the patient and find out the root cause of inflammation of the urethra.

Except for this blood test are sampling and inoculation of material from the urethra and urine. The laboratory identifies pathogen that caused the inflammatory process, and also clarifies the sensitivity of the pathogen to antibiotics. Mandatory, in addition to the above tests, the doctor assigns a number of studies to exclude involvement in the pathogenic process of the prostate and testicles.

The main impact

A basis in any of inflammation are medications inhibiting effect on the causative agent. Urethritis in men is no exception, and depending on the results of laboratory studies of select the pills that affect the pathogenic flora. It may be antibiotics, antiviral drugs, medicinal substances that suppress the growth of fungi, and many others.

The type of pathogen isolated and the types of urethritis. Each species has a special approach. And though the regimen has a lot in common, there are many important differences:

  • Bacterial, gonorrhea, Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma and gardnerelly urethritis is treated with antibiotics. And men, especially those who suffer from gonorrheal inflammation of the urethra, often making a huge mistake, turning to family or friends with a request to pierce any antibiotics. This is by no means impossible to do! All antibacterial agents prescribed individually, and it is important to clearly treatment, otherwise the effect may be quite the opposite.
  • Urethritis viral etiology is treated with antiviral medications, antibiotic use is inappropriate, since they do not affect viruses. Antiviral drugs are taken under a special scheme, which is the attending physician. The sooner therapeutic measures initiated, the sooner will comerecovery.
  • Candida urethritis in men is treatable with antifungal drugs. But the emphasis is on treatment of the underlying disease that caused the candidiasis.

Not all inflammation of the urethra cropped antibiotic, antiviral or antifungal drugs. In allergic urethritis is used antihistamine. Eliminate congestive urethritis is due to the elimination of stagnation in the pelvis. Only traumatic urethritis, in addition to prophylactic antibiotic therapy may require surgical intervention.

Auxiliary therapy

Besides preparations aimed at the elimination of the pathogen, for a speedy recovery to prescribe and auxiliary medications. To strengthen the immune system and enhance the body's resistance the doctor will suggest a course of vitamins and will paint the immunostimulatory regimen of drugs.

Unpleasant symptoms are removed using medications of local action. Is baths, ointments, gels and many other products. Possible to use as such, and antibacterial agents. Special emphasis on hygiene. Treatment of urethritis caused by STDs, requires parallel treatment and ladies of the hearts of men, otherwise there is a risk of re-infection.

Relief of chronic process

Treatment of chronic urethritis are often lengthy, and in addition to these funds, prescribe a course of physical therapy. Good therapeutic effect is given, UHF, magnetic therapy, electrophoresis, and laser therapy. The treatment regimen should be painted by the specialist as the physical therapy is individual, applicable only for the treatment of chronic urethritis is strictly contraindicated in acute inflammatory processes and also has some contraindications.

Do not always use antibiotics and medicines of local impact. In the treatment of chronic urethritis widely used introduction into the urethra of men of various drugs. If chronic process provoked the occurrence of strictures (narrowing of the urethra), then it is possible and probing the urethra after the relief of acute inflammation.

Urethritis is rarely treated in hospital. Most often, medical interventions performed on an outpatient basis. But it is worth remembering that for the healing of urethritis precision, perform medical appointments.


If you do not follow the rules of prevention, urethritis can fall ill with any man. Preventive measures are simple, and stick to them will not be easy. If you take care of your health, then problems arise you should not. So, you need to:

  1. To comply withthe basic rules of intimate hygiene is one of the most important aspects.
  2. Don't lead a promiscuous sexual life, and to have one permanent partner.
  3. Not to neglect a barrier method of contraception (condoms).
  4. To avoid hypothermia.
  5. Time to empty your bladder – not less than once in three hours.
  6. To monitor the health of the kidneys.
  7. Avoid heavy physical exertion.
  8. Do not abuse spicy, fried and fatty foods.
  9. Not to indulge in alcoholic beverages.
  10. To avoid constipation.
  11. Regularly visit the urologist.

To prevent disease is easier than to get rid of it. At the first unpleasant symptoms of urethritis should be referred to a specialist. Should not neglect their health and take various pills and antibiotics, which were prescribed to friends: urethritis will not pass by itself, and for a time disappeared, will return in a chronic form, and accompanied by a whole bunch of various complications.