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Detail on the causes, diagnosis and treatment of urine red for men

Physical properties and chemical composition of urine are very important criteria for the evaluation of health status of men. If signs of any organic disease or functional disorders in the male body there is a need for carrying out microscopic examination of urine sediment for diagnosis. One of the most frequent signs of dysfunction of the genitourinary system in male organism is the urine of a reddish or red. Only in rare cases, red urine does not mean pathology – if the diet was attended by the beets, rhubarb, blackberries, and after taking some medicines, such as laxatives that contain Senna.

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Normal urine of healthy men may contain only a few instances of red blood cells, so the men of the red color of the urine almost always means the appearance of a pathology of organs of the urogenital tract or other systems.

Syndrome the presence of blood in the urine is called hematuria.

Classification of hematuria

Depending on the scale and extent of pathologic process there are:

  1. The microhematuria is characterized by the presence in the urine sediment of a unit of red blood cells that are detected only by microscopic examination. The color of urine is not changed.
  2. Gross hematuria – it is characterized by red urine, reddish, pink or the color of "meat slops", as determined by the naked eye.

Depending on the reasons why stands out red urine, the following types of hematuria in men:

  1. Functional ‒ can occur in infants and children due to careless palpation or injuries of the abdomen or lower back, with hyperlordosis and intensive physical loads, infectious diseases, and after treatment with antibiotics and sulfa drugs. The reason of this phenomenon in adult men may be overheating, overcooling or physical fatigue. The mechanism of appearance of red urine in functional hematuria is due to an increase in blood pressure in the vessels of the glomeruli, increase in blood flow to them and, as a consequence, you get in the urine of individual instances of red blood cells.
  2. Organic – associated with the kidney or urinary tract.

Depending on the localization process and the reasons which provoked the urine is red, the following types of hematuria:

  1. Prerenal – due to increased permeability of the bloodof blood vessels when clotting disorders, manifested by hemorrhagic diathesis.
  2. Renal (kidney) is associated with damage to the tissues of the kidneys. There are the following causes of renal hematuria in men:
  • Acute and chronic glomerulonephritis.
  • Pyelonephritis.
  • Tuberculosis of the kidneys.
  • The nephrosis.
  • Acute renal failure.
  • Heart failure, leading to stagnation in the kidneys.
  • Toxicoinfection complications of flu, sore throat, scarlet fever, pneumonia, infectious mumps, dysentery, septic processes, etc.
  • Neoplastic lesions of the kidney.
  • Intake of certain medical drugs that can cause nephrotoxicity and cause hypersensitive reaction (antibiotics, sulfonamides, aminoglycosides, analgesics, cytotoxic agents, hexamine, etc.).
  • Renal polycystic.
  • Congenital defects in the structure of the kidneys.

3. Postrenal (extrarenal) is the reason in this case are inflammation, trauma or neoplastic lesions of the urinary tract.

Research methodology

In order to find out the causes of men's urine is red, is a specific laboratory diagnostic method trehstakannoy sample.

To do this, the patient may need to collect your morning urine in three different vessels. The interpretation of the results is conducted as follows:

  • Detection of red blood cells in the first vessel speaks of the impurity of blood from the urethral channel.
  • If the admixture of red blood cells detected in the third vessel, the reason for it is the defeat of the bladder.
  • In that case, when erythrocytes are detected in all three vessels, you can talk about the Genesis of renal disease.

If you notice signs of allocation of blood with urine, immediately consult the doctor timely diagnosis will help you to get appropriate treatment and avoid many serious complications.

How to fix the problem

As in men, the appearance of red urine in overwhelming majority of cases is the emergence of a pathology, it is necessary to pay attention to comprehensive treatment, which should follow the diagnosis:

  • If the urine of blood is caused by intense physical activity, treatment is not required, it is only necessary to reduce the intensity of stress and give your body a rest.
  • In cases when the urine is red is due to the consumption of products with colorants or medications, the treatment is not required.
  • If the presence in blood of erythrocytes is associated with organic lesions of the kidneys or urinary tract, it is necessaryimmediate treatment is aimed at eliminating the causes of underlying disease.
  • A mandatory aspect, which is included in the treatment of hematuria of any origin, is the settlement way of life, mode of work and rest, consumption of adequate amounts of fluid and transition to a correct and balanced diet, and prevention of overheating and overcooling of the body.

Timely treatment and prevention of the appearance of blood urine is the key to your good health and good health in the future.