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Detail about normal, excess, increase of uric acid in men

Laboratory diagnosis of blood, urine and other biological substrates is an important link in the chain of a precise definition of the physiological state of the organism and timely diagnosis of possible diseases. One of the markers of the status of protein metabolism in men, and its violation is uric acid and indicators of its concentration in the blood serum.


To speed up the excretion of urea with urine is shown drinking large amounts of fluid – up to 2-3 liters of drinking water, juices, compotes, fruit-drinks.

In the absence of proper effect of the diet will be prescribed drugs that reduce the level of urea in the body (allopurinol), tools, warning complications (colchicine), diuretics. The dosage of drugs and duration of their admission is a doctor.

In addition to treatment pharmaceutical drugs, we recommend taking decoctions of the leaves of currant, cowberry, birch buds, nettle, grass of Polygonum.

Treatment should be done under the supervision of a physician with regular blood and urine tests to monitor the concentration of urea in them.