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About the causes of urine odor in men and possible treatment

The urine of adult healthy men has a number of organoleptic and physico-chemical characteristics that determine the physiological condition of many organs and systems at a given time. As the principal filtering organ, kidney in about 200 l of arterial blood, forming of them 150 litres of primary urine, which, subjected to additional processing and return to the body, is excreted into the bladder in a volume of only 1.5-2 l/day, as the secondary urine.

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If you consider that the total blood volume in an adult is about 5 liters, per day this quantity passes through the kidneys about 40 times. The article will consider the causes of urine odor in men and approaches to the treatment of the pathologies underlying them.

A brief anatomical and physiological characteristics of urine formation

To understand the physiological causes unpleasant odor, it is important to understand the principles of urine formation. Filtration of arterial blood in the kidney is carried out by high pressure in special structural units of the organ, the nephrons, each of which is suitable blood capillary enters the venous vessel and the urinary tubule. Inside the nephron is a capsule of Shumlyansky-Bowman, in which the lumen is a vascular glomerulus – the close intertwining of small blood vessels, the wall of which has a high porosity, which organizes the main filtering process. The vascular wall as a sieve that filters the blood plasma, removing from it the toxic products of metabolism of cells and other substances that in the blood of healthy men shouldn't be.

The primary urine in its chemical composition does not differ from similar characteristics of blood plasma. When driving through the system of the renal tubules it undergoes the process of reverse suction in the body back the nutrients and some salts. This stage describes the formation of secondary or end urine, which flows out of the millions of nephrons in the renal pelvis and excreted through the ureter, into the bladder.

On its way the process of urine formation can deal with a variety of pathologies in the anatomical formations of the genitourinary system that causes a change in the characteristics of primary and then secondary urine, which are determined at the time of urination and the subsequent laboratory studies. In addition, the chemical composition of the blood plasma directly affect the state of the urine – in fact, urine is the same liquid part of blood, only devoid of nutrients, but rich in waste products of cells. Functional disorder inthe body often determine the odor of urine in men.

It is on the basis of this fact, laboratory tests of urine indicate the health of the body as a whole or the presence of pathologies in the system of urine formation. One of the key features of the study is its urine smell, objective analysis of which can hold every person at the time of urination.

It is worth noting that the causes that affect many sensory and chemical properties of urine, rather strongly depend on the gender of the patient. Due to the difference in hormonal status and activity of metabolism urine in men normal is somewhat different from that in women, including and the characteristics of the smell. Normal female urine smells more sour and sharp.

Effects of changes in odor, does not require medical intervention

To the physiological characteristics of the changes the smell of urine in men include factors that do not inherently carry a pathological component, so you do not require treatment. These factors are the norm and are characterized by the rapid disappearance changed the smell of urine almost immediately after their exclusion. Such reasons include the following changes:

  • General dehydration of the body caused by high costs of liquid in the process of life. Usually, this happens with excessive sweating in the physiological process of heavy load or high ambient temperature on the background of lack of drinking. That's why dehydration, usually due to a strong thirst. Treatment of this condition is not required ‒ just use the required amount of water. The smell of urine thus acquires a sharp, unpleasant, concentrated scent arising from reflex save water body in the process of its overall deficit. The volume of liquid as solvent in the urine decreased, but the number of substances that give the odor in urine remains constant, what is the cause of the odour emissions.
  • Personal diet the patient has a direct impact on the smell of urine. This is especially true for men. There are reasons, for example too high activity of cell metabolism. Many products with sharp, rich smell, pass it on to the blood plasma. That's why the urine a distinctive smell of those products that was taken with food, especially beer, garlic, coffee and asparagus.
  • Taking certain medicines like treatment of competing diseases, especially the vitamin and enzyme number, cause changes in urine odor. In this case, the urine usually becomes acidic, unpleasant, smell a variety of field-specificdrug. This side effect mostly indicated in the annotation to the medication.

The preservation of third-party odor in the urine after 12 hours after the first appearance and the background of the exclusion of the factors causing this smell may indicate the development of some pathologies of the genitourinary system that requires timely treatment.

Some diseases that change the smell

If the urine men unpleasant smells, then this could be the development of some pathological conditions in the kidneys and urinary tract, and in some systems without the formation of urine is irrelevant, but the impact on the qualitative composition of blood plasma. Such diseases often include:

  • The formation of urinary stones in the renal pelvis, the ureters or the bladder. During acute exacerbations, when the stones start moving, the smell of urine takes on a pungent smell of ammonia, unpleasant-smelling for a long time. Pathology, usually characterized by severe pain, so the need for timely treatment.
  • Inflammatory processes in the mucosa of the urinary tract and the parenchyma of the kidney ‒ makes urine, in addition to the changes of other characteristics, unpleasant putrid smell. The treatment of this disease need as soon as possible.
  • Latinos, or maple syrup disease – a rare genetic disorder, one symptom of which is making the urine has a specific smell of maple syrup, because of the significant metabolic disorders. It should be noted that Latinos – pathology congenital, that is why to it in the process of life is impossible. The treatment of the disease is only symptomatic and palliative.
  • Liver failure ‒ in almost all cases leads to organoleptic changes in the quality of urine. The liver, as the kidney is a key organ of the drainage system of the body and activate metabolism. Therefore, the violation of the functionality of this body immediately affects the chemical composition of blood plasma and subsequently urine, which starts to emit an unpleasant odor.
  • Diabetic ketoacidosis – associated disorder of sugar and fat metabolism, characteristic for all patients with diabetes, starting with the second type. The urine has a sharp, acid-alkaline smell, worse 1-2 hours after meals and in the morning. The correct treatment of diabetes leads to the disappearance of the odor of urine.

In conclusion, what you should pay attention to the reasons for the sudden appearance of sharp, unpleasant smell during the act of urination, especially after a night's sleep and are not associated with food intake, changesin diet, exercise or medication, stable for several days. That's why it's quite a significant argument to visit the therapist. In order to determine the cause of the odor and prescribe treatment to be carried out blood and urine tests men for the presence of pathological agents, or significant changes in the chemical composition.

In the case of confirmed suspicions on the presence of any abnormalities will be made subsequent scheme diagnostic studies to clarify the possible pathology. Such manipulation allows to rule out serious disease and prescribe the correct treatment in the early stages of the pathological process, which is the most effective measure to prevent serious complications in the future. Unpleasant smell of urine can serve as a characteristic symptom, which exclude the development of severe disease in men.