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What is the cause of the loss of excitation in the course of sexual intercourse?

Sergey: Hello! Not so long ago started to have problems in the intimate life (sex). During the process begins to fill the penis. You lose the excitement. Can't understand why. And after that silence. Sometimes 2-3 times can, sometimes, get excited and then lose power. Before such was not observed.

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Sports. Do not smoke or drink. In General, it becomes scary. By the way, I am 25 years old.

The answer of the doctor-doctor: Hello, Sergey! The origin of the problem can be psychological (the syndrome of the troublesome expectation of sexual failures) and associated with diseases of certain organs. Physiological causes are more common in men of middle and old age. To understand the nature of your problem will help the doctor in person. Recommend to perform an ultrasound of the penis with Doppler ultrasound and to go on reception to the sexologist (urologist, andrologist). I wish you health.