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It is possible to take preparati to improve sperm?

Marina: Good day! My husband and to no avail with APR 2013 trying to conceive a child. Last year we turned in the direction of the Republican center. Me very closely engaged in six months. Check patency of the fallopian tubes with the help of metrosalpingografii. The pipes are passable. Permanent control of ultrasound.

(Revealed before this center small mimco backwards, said she should not prevent conception, and in the center considered as well). Asked post-coital test to rule out cervical factor infertility. Did, but said not effective and the gynecologist is not interested. Have zapikali hormones in all phases of the cycle. And the husband looks at Affairs. Summary: gynecologist throws up his hands and wants to record for laparoscopy. And I still doubt whether to do it. Would describe more but I think still you are the gynecologist and, probably, you do not need it.
During this time the husband twice only passed the total sperm count in the direction of a gynecologist. The last time we brought it back last year in September and December.
All the doctor says 11%. Smallish, sure, but, translating in absolute value, 57 million/ml. Total number of 4 times more than the norm. Of these, the doctor says, moving in absolute value 31 million (I suggested that motile sperm can move and benefit from them will not. The word "mobile" is a concept not significant).
Very much doubt the competence of the gynecologist's knowledge of urology-andrology.
1. Prompt, please that it is necessary to take the husband to know the full and real situation?
2. What vitamins needs to take her husband to improve the measure of sperm?
3. Is it worth taking drugs to improve sperm independently (Spiractin, for example, or its counterparts) or still need to consult first?
Husband at the time had prostatitis. Was treated in the past. In January, the sperm has to have pieces in the form of jelly. Reminded him about the intake of folic acid and vitamin. Before the husband and Not drink, but did not help him. Now the sperm are liquefied, and the pieces disappeared. But what about the semen analysis, while we can only guess. Thought my husband more blood on antispermalnye antibodies to pass. Want to cervical factor infertility to exclude.
Thank you in advance!

The answer of the doctor-doctor: Hello, Marina! Gynecologists do not know how to interpret spermogrammu. Describe fully with sperm MAR test. 11 million concentration is below normal. I wish you health.