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How is probing of the urethra and how much is manipulation

Probing the urethra in men is used for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the urethra. For its use of special tools – bougie. Consider in more detail how the probing urethra in men, in some cases, the manipulation is prescribed, and prices in various cities of Russia.

инстаграма нарушения просвета уретры

Why the need for the procedure?

This is a rather old technique, and the first mention of it was found in Egyptian pyramids. With a special smooth metal rods enlarge the narrowed parts of the urethra. A special rod called a bougie.

Probing is carried out in the presence of men in the narrowed urethra – strictures. Strictures are formed as a result of previously transferred venereal diseases (gonorrhoea, inflammatory processes or injuries. They can also occur after endoscopic surgery (also called postoperative stricture), or after traumatic installation of the catheter.

Using filiform bougie, the doctor carries out the extension of the urethra, replacing the nozzle with the smallest to large. The complexity of the procedure is that the urinary organ has an S-shape and his path passes through the bottom of the pelvis and prostate gland. Therefore, in order to avoid injury, the event should carry out a high level specialist with experience of begerovaya; even if the price of such services will be higher, but health is more important.

Such a study is also carried out for diagnostic purposes. This technique allows to determine the presence of strictures in the end section of the urinary tract in men, their number and size. To conduct begerovaya use the fine filiform bougie, gradually changing it to a larger diameter, until the doctor will not reach the goal.


Alas, probing the urethra are shown not to all. There are a number of pathologies, the presence of which in men can put an end to the probing.

So, the procedure is contraindicated for:

  • pyelonephritis;
  • acute urethritis;
  • chronic urethritis in the acute stage;
  • cystitis;
  • prostatitis;
  • the old strictures ‒ they impede the process of begerovaya and significantly increase the risk of traumatic rupture of the walls of the urethra.
  • complete atresia of the urethra.

What happens during the manipulation?

Special training of men for begerovaya not required. Prior to the event the doctor prescribes a diagnostic study on the presence of stricture and diameter of the narrowed portion of the urethra. In accordance with the size of the bougie. The patient commits the toiletgenital organs. Treatment the glans of the penis special preparations and begin the procedure.

The patient is asked to lie in a special urological chair. Tip filiform bougie desired diameter lubricated with gel and in three steps is introduced into the urethra until the cavity of the bladder. There are several stages:

  1. During the first phase of the bougie is brought to the bulbous part of the urinary tract and, changing his position so that he was parallel to the anterior abdominal wall. The doctor controls the process by palpation.
  2. The second phase involves bringing the bugey to the membranous portion of the urethra.
  3. In the third stage of the bougie reaches the bladder.

The tool is left in the penis in men for 5-10 minutes, then remove and introduce another bougie of larger diameter. Bougie is introduced and removed sequentially from the smaller diameter to the larger as long as the device is difficult to be removed from the urethra. At the end of the procedure, remove the bougie from the urethra, and the duct washed with a special antiseptic solution. To avoid possible complications, the patient is administered a course of antibiotics.

Possible complications

The risk of complications after such manipulation, as after many others, is quite high. Therefore, it is assigned preventive course of antibiotics and probing is carried out only with a sterile instrument using antiseptics. In addition, the procedure of begerovaya men may only be carried out by a specially trained technician. But whatever it was, the risk of complications has not been canceled. After the procedure may develop urethral fever, prostatitis, epididymitis, and various traumatic injuries of the urethra.

Probing the urethra is performed in any clinic with the urology Department. Prices on probing in men will depend on the prestige of the clinic, the specialist level, your medications, tools, and many other factors.

Table 1. Clinics and prices on probing

№ p/p The city Clinic Price
1 Moscow JSC "Medicine" up to 2500 p.
2 Saint Petersburg Clinic "ABIA" without anesthesia to 1900 R.
3 Novosibirsk Medical center "Medical practice" the manipulation of 700 p.
4 Irkutsk Surgical clinic "life Line" 2000 p.
5 Vladivostok Medical center and Meridian health excluding related services 750 R.

The choice is always the patient. But you should know thatthis procedure is not a panacea and from time to time it will need to be repeated.