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The review of stimulating chewing gum with prices and reviews

Nothing gives more emotion than a night of love, filled with passion and desire. But what to do if a long-awaited moment will forever be tainted by lack of desire or problems with potency? Output: exciting chewing gum for women and men, it's easy, fast and affordable. But if it effects and who it is more suitable for: a woman or a man? Reading reviews about a particular stimulating gum, it is possible to understand one thing: the effect of it is modern means justifies the expectations of those who buys it. In addition, the price of the products of any company are quite affordable even for a person with a small income.

The conditions for the use of stimulants

The modern market offers a wide range of tools that can remedy the situation in minutes. Means you can quickly order online and buy at an affordable price. Not to be mistaken with a choice of allow this article. Its objective: a brief overview of the unique BAD – stimulating gum.

Regardless of the firm in most cases experts recommend to take bubble gum for 10-20 minutes before sexual intercourse. This will allow you to solve a number of important problems associated with intimacy, both men and women. Gum becomes a helpmate in such moments:

  • The elimination of erectile dysfunction.
  • The increase in elasticity of the penis and increase its sensitivity.
  • The extension of sexual intercourse.
  • The increasing sensations during orgasm.
  • Gaining the confidence and ability to deliver partner pleasure.

In addition, exciting desire gum allows you to:

  1. To increase libido.
  2. Intensify orgasmic contractions and significantly extend them due to a rush of blood to the genitals.
  3. Look more attractive and desirable in the eyes of the partner.
  4. To increase the secretion of vaginal lubrication.

"Mega Ecstasy, like most drugs, it contains exclusively natural ingredients, mainly of vegetable origin:

  1. Leuzea.
  2. Spiny Eleutherococcus.
  3. The orange.
  4. Pink Radiola.

Because of this, he is in great demand, accompanied by positive reviews most consumers. BAD suitable for both men and women.

To gum had an effect on men, it will take 20-30 minutes, for women – 15-20. For complete intercourse enough 1 pads, by stimulating the desire of gum. Doubling the dose is only in extreme cases of sexual coldness.According to the manufacturer, the drug has no contraindications and side effects.

  • Super Lowing Chewing Gum (for men)

The price for the products of the French manufacturer Jaguar Power ‒ about 600 rubles per 20 pieces. The effects of the funds lasts about four hours, which in itself will be a great gift for anyone who wants to get maximum pleasure from intimacy. Consumer reviews are mostly positive, men are satisfied that the tool is extremely simple to use, no side effects.

In Super Lowing Chewing Gum comprises:

  1. Extracts of ginseng, Maca, and Epimedium herbs.
  2. Vitamins E and B6.
  3. Natural sweetener.

To use such a gum is 30 minutes before intercourse by thorough chewing for 8 minutes. It is important to remember that the daily rate of the drug in any case shall not exceed four pads. In case of overdose should immediately seek medical attention. Specialists ' opinions about this gum contain information that Super Lowing Chewing Gum can not take in serious diseases of the cardiovascular system.

  • Sex Love ‒ exciting chewing gum for women

The price of BUD ranges from 600 rubles for 10 gum. The manufacturer of this product is a Chinese firm Jin yuan Lou, for many years engaged in the study of excitatory substances and having great reviews about their products.

In the chewing gum composition includes:

  1. Rhodiola rosea.
  2. Niacin.
  3. Ginseng.
  4. L-arginine.
  5. Licorice root and additional elements of natural origin.

To achieve a sustainable effect, the manufacturer recommends that you use the gum for six months. It's enough to chew the plate 15 minutes before sexual intercourse. The drug has no side effects and contraindications. In addition, it perfectly adapted to a woman's health.

Table 1. Comparative prices on the popular gum

Name Price/RUB
Mega Exstaz or "Detonator" 1000
Super Lowing Chewing Gum (for men) 600
Sex Love (for women) 600

When you apply stimulating gum it is important to remember that among the quality drugs is quite common to detect forgery. To avoid such hassles, you should buy products from a trusted seller with certificates of conformity of goods to standards of safety.

Purchase stimulating gum or not, each person must decide for himself. But if the sex life has lost a bright paint, then there is nothing wrong with a little decorate, and help in this exciting desire gum.

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About gum "Detonator" learned from a friend who painted her properties very emotional. I consulted with my wife and decided to buy it, so to speak, a "refresh". The effect shook both, we seem to have returned at the moment of first dates, but it's been 15 years and we have two children. A great modern "thing", I recommend it.


Gum Sex Love showed my friend and told about how it works. To admit, at first I didn't believe her, painfully it seemed unusual properties of the simple (at first glance) chewing gum. Took the test a couple of pieces and in the very first meeting with her boyfriend tried. The result stunned, I had never experienced such emotions.


Have tried many means to enhance potency, when a man in over 40 years, it sometimes becomes necessary. But most of all I liked the Super Lowing gum Chewing Gum: easy to use and always helps out even with a spontaneous meeting with a friend. Any discomfort health not experience, stimulating chewing gum Super Lowing Chewing Gum fits me perfectly.

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