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The stone in the right kidney provokes pain and cramps - what to do next?

Sergey: Hello. In July the urologist diagnosed acute prostatitis", I took drips (antibiotics, the statement does not say what it is). A month later the same thing happened: a week on the dripper. But this time, ultrasound showed enlarged right kidney, in the kidney increased volume of residual urine (remember the words of the urologist) ‒ at a rate of 0.5 I figure is 22 mm. also got a stone (8 mm).

Went computed tomography (Stavropol), but without a contrast agent, as previously, with the introduction of contrast before x-rays of the kidneys have lost consciousness. All the pictures, alas, the review, that is, kidney function is not seen. But it turned out that there is a stone (6 mm). Now the prescribed treatment: Kanefron and candles Vitaprost. Now it hurts right kidney, there is a thread (presumably in the ureter), it hurts and pulls right testicle. In the urine the night stood out a few drops of blood.

From my story it is possible to draw a conclusion? If Yes, then what happens? And the most important question: what to do next? The nearest urologist is away from me for 120 miles. Thank you. If need be, can all the statements be copied and sent.

The answer of the doctor-doctor: Hello, Sergey! The treatment of urolithiasis is selected depending on the composition of stones. Your symptoms may be associated with ICD and with inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system (e.g., epididymitis). Must pass urinalysis+total PAP smear+PCR+secret of the prostate, to perform ultrasound of the scrotum and prostate. Then make a treatment plan. Need to find a way to go on reception to the urologist. I wish you health.