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The possibility of unwanted pregnancy when inadvertent contact of the fingers with semen

From: Maxim

Topic: Can you get pregnant from sperm on fingers

With a girl after sex on my hands got a little sperm. Hands well rubbed it on a t-shirt, then introduced his fingers to the girl's vagina. Could it be associated with the delay in pregnancy after such a case? (Sexual intercourse for a month before it was not).

Answer: "Hello, Maxim! Sperm in the external environment do not last long, and after removal of sperm from hands "barbaric" way of the chances that remained active sperm, no. However, there is such thing as pre-cum-release of sperm: if You have been practicing PPA (coitus interruptus), is 50% of what sperm got into the vagina.
If the penis penetrated the vagina, the menstrual cycle not associated with the described situation. Pregnancy in your case is impossible. To clarify the reasons for the delay need to contact your gynecologist. The reasons may be associated with different gynecological diseases. I wish you health".