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Causes and prevention of premature eruption of the seed, drugs and exercises

Good afternoon, Igor tadeushevich! Very much want sex, but when you start to deal with them, then there is a rapid ejaculation and cum vypryskivaet as before, as follows. After the first ejaculation it falls.

I'm in prison. To me comes the wife, afraid to lose her. Tell me what I can do in these circumstances: what kind of pills to try to drink or what sports will improve your sex life. Be so kind to answer my question. I want to wish You all.

Response: "Hello! The problem of premature ejaculation may be associated with You and the lack of regular sexual life. You can try to take Dapoxetine 1 tablet 2 hours before sexual intercourse. Additionally, you can perform Kegel exercises (let the wife find online). I wish you health".